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It’s been only a few days since I got back home and I’ve already been to two weddings. Summers in Kosovo are full of celebrations and marriages follow many other ceremonies besides “the wedding”. Trying to find outfits for the occasions is very hard; everyone tries to pick the most glamorous dress or suit. People spend tons of money on traditional costumes, fancy dresses and hair & make up. When the big night comes, some people overdo it and end up looking tacky but still there is so much variety and somehow everyone blends in.

Personally, I used to enjoy weddings much more when I was younger but the older I get, I find them pointless and don’t enjoy them as much. The reason why I don’t appreciate them as much is because people spend tons and tons of money for only a night, invite hundreds of people and the folk music hurts my ears. I believe that all that glamour and luxury is absolutely unnecessary, especially for those can’t afford it but still feel pressured to conform to the “norms” and end up taking loans. For some reason in the end most of the guests end up complaining about something they didn’t like and all that money goes to waste, putting the hosts to shame.

Anyways, even though I was so tired from the flight when I got back, I had to go to my cousins wedding only a few hours later. It was so hard to decide what to wear because my clothes were all over the place…most of them dirty. Fortunately, my sister has a lot of formal dresses that don’t fit her anymore and both days I borrowed outfits from her closet. The olive green dress was very comfortable and simpler which is what I was going for that day. It is made of spandex fabric, which is very flexible for the occasion when you have to dance, drive and sit for hours. I paired it with a pair of nude stilettos but realized that wasn’t a very good idea because my feet were hurting after only a few hours. I did the makeup myself using nude/light brown colors and for hair I went and blow-dried it at the hairdresser who also added that cute braid in the front.

For the second wedding I decided to add a little more glam but it was effortless and came naturally. I borrowed the dress from my sister who had bought it as a corset a few years ago but then tailored it into this cute comfortable gown. I chose this one because of the gold sequins; they look really good when the skin is tan. This time I wore flats because the dress was long and you couldn’t tell which was the best decision for my feet. Again, I did my own make up using slightly darker shades of brown on my eyes as opposed to the day before. I wanted to curl my hair because I haven’t done it in so long and my hairdresser did a great job, she just used the curling iron and brushed it afterwards. I received a lot of compliments about my look and I felt happy but most importantly, I felt comfortable and was able to dance easily. Both looks took me less than 30 minutes to get ready and I consider it as a great success compared to my mum and sister who spent hours (lol). My advice for the female readers is to try and look effortless and comfortable in the outfit you chose because that comes naturally and you feel good the whole evening. When choosing dresses and shoes always think of comfort because weddings last for hours and you don’t want to be held back from dancing or end up with blisters in your feet the next day. At the end of the day, what you are wearing is not as important as the attitude you are bringing in the room…your smile is the best item you can bring and it costs nothing ☺.


Olive green dress from Bebe bought almost 10 years ago
Gold/Black dress from Miss Selfridge also bought a few years ago
Guess Earrings

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