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Hey there, beautiful people ☺

I’m excited to share with you another outfit from our collaboration with KONK concept store in Berlin. This time I chose something really unconventional in terms of silhouette. The two pieces have the same print that makes the look more dramatic but at the same time for a dress down you could wear them separately; let’s say the top with a pair of skinny jeans and the pants with an edgy leather jacket. KONK store is full of colors and different prints but the first time I saw these clouds I was like “I want to wear that!!” I have never seen such a cool print and I love its placing because it doesn’t overdo it. It definitely takes a “brave” girl to walk around looking like a sky full of clouds, that’s why I stress out so much the importance of taking risks in fashion. This outfit is a perfect example of totally standing out from the crowd by what you wear. With a print like this you will never go unnoticed in the streets ;)

Another reason why I’m obsessed with this outfit is the shape, which is rather unconventional. Playing with different silhouettes liberates the client from dilemmas such as: “is this going to fit me?” “will this show my chubby stomach?” and so many similar questions that women have when trying out clothes. Sexy silhouettes, in one way or another, set a standard of how the female body is supposed to be which is one of the main reasons why women have so many insecurities when it comes to their bodies. Even from my own experience, as somebody with a really tiny body and minimal breasts, I end up feeling conscious about my body type at times. This usually happens when I try out sexy dresses, in which I feel like a 12 year old hahaha…However; in this case I didn’t have doubts whether I should try this outfit or not. This dramatic silhouette liberates me even though I totally embrace my physical appearance; it just feels so cozy to wear oversized clothing sometimes. Such an outfit is definitely a piece of art; the fabrics as mixed so well together to produce a dramatic yet urban look. The designer of this look is Ambra Fiorenza, based in Berlin who uses fabrics as a medium to present her artwork. You can look her up, she has amazing pieces. I hope you guys like the pictures, we shot them at the famous graphic wall at KONK which is another piece painted by a local Berlin artist. I just love this concept of playing with fashion as a form of art and it’s starting to grow on me more and more everyday ☺ Have an amazing weekend.
Lot’s of love, xxxx

Ambra Fiorenza Top
Ambra Fiorenza Pants
All items can be purchased at KONK
Kleine Hamburger Str.15
Berlin, Germany


• Photographed by Vesa Pupovci

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