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Helloooo ☺

Hope everyone’s having a great week or at least a great day haha. My days and weeks are going by so fast…24 hours in a day are definitely not enough for me (sigh)! I can’t complain though, the weather is still so warm here in Thessaloniki I can’t get enough of it. My friends and family back home are having a really cold fall apparently they got their winter clothes out already. Oops, not my problem…I still get to wear my t-shirts and shorts or wear total black and boil from the heat as it happened today. Black is definitely not my color but I find myself wearing black a lot lately, I believe this is a result of peer-pressure. A lot of my friends in school are embracing the total-black fashion and it seems like I can’t escape from it. When I see it in other people, I love it so I decide to try it out too but for some reason I am either doing it wrong or the weather is not working with me because I get so hot in black clothes.

As you can tell from the pictures, this was my outfit for today! I planned the whole look around my hat when I woke up and saw that my hair was a real mess. Every time a wear a hat is because my hair is not on point (note this lol). So I decided to play it safe and “trendy” by wearing all black so that the focus of the outfit stays the hat. The leather pants I was wearing are actually my sisters, she has had them for a really long time but they were small on her so when I was able to fit in them she gave them to me. This comes to show that good leather pants are a timeless piece to have in your wardrobe and it’s perfect for when you want to add a little edge to your outfit. I paired the clothes with an old Burberry bag that has the print in darker colors, also to spice up the “blackness” of my look. I’ve had this particular bag for a few years now and I’ve worn it so much, still wear it a lot because it fits a lot of stuff and matches with almost anything I try to wear. Unfortunately, the shoes I decided to wear were so uncomfortable; I have blisters on my feet already. It was my first time wearing them and I was so excited for it but once I started walking…the struggle was real. Anyways, sometimes a little sacrifice is worth it when you want to follow trends (but still comfort is first on the list of my priorities).

An interesting event of the day was the barbeque party hosted by the student government in my college. It happens in the beginning of every semester in order to welcome the new students and use this chance to socialize with everyone in the cafeteria. It is so adorable to see students and professors hanging out together as they enjoy the chicken with pita bread while having friendly conversations. This is one of the main reasons why I love my college; it is very small but we are like a family and everyone is close with each other. This event is accompanied by music and games throughout the afternoon, which is a much-needed break between classes and assignments. The beauty of this barbeque is that everyone contributes a little bit in setting it up and cleaning it up afterwards which shows the commitment of the students and the professors to “our big family”. It is a very good feeling to have a family like environment in a college where its students are mostly from other countries, living alone and always counting on each other. You can check out the pictures to get a better view of what I am talking about. Have a nice rest of the week everybody, Friday is coming woohooo!!

Calvin Klein shirt
Vintage leather pants
Burberry bag
Aldo shoes
Hat from a local store in Mykonos

Photographed by Vesa Pupovci

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