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Hellooo my loves

It’s the first week of August and I wish you all a great month, hopefully full of vacations because in this heat it’s all that we want. It’s so hot here in Kosovo and unfortunately, there is no sea or beach anywhere close; you have to drive to Albania if you want to tan or swim. I’ve been handling the summer heat at home, under the AC with my dog Bonno; who is not feeling the heat either. But sometimes…You have to have leave the house!

Attempting to dress accordingly for the weather is so challenging when it’s so hot out. I got really into black clothes lately but wearing them during a summer day is a NO, NO! I tried it a few times this month but I ended up sweating like a pig. I suggest really light colors as well as light fabrics. During the day, I’ve been avoiding tight shirts and dresses; it’s so much easier with loose clothes in terms of being comfortable. When it comes to shoes; my all time favorite summer shoes are TOM’S espadrilles. I have them in many colors and prints because ever since I tried the first pair some years ago, I got hooked big time! I love them not only because they look super-cute but also they are light and it feels like you are walking on clouds. They are the only shoes that will not sweat you feet even if you are walking all day.

Now let’s talk about the outfit we took pictures in which is a more selective look for summer evenings, but can be transformed to daytime as well. The starting piece was without a doubt this Cavalli printed shirt; it has such a sheer, delicate fabric. The colors are the reason I love wearing it but styling can be always tricky. Today I wanted to bring out the shirt by keeping the rest basic with denim shorts and a white crop top. By removing the shirt, the outfit transforms to a simple one for the daytime. If I wish to look sexier; this summer I go for simple platform sandals like the one I’m wearing in the picture. I’ve already told you about my obsession with golden sandals and these ones are one of the reasons I love them so much. They are so versatile; I’ve worn them to my graduation, worn them out in the city and even partying at night. The platform makes them so comfy to walk and dance in. I finished the look with this white cross-body bag; it’s all I can wear in the summer unless it’s some ethnic, handmade bag that I love more than all the fancy brands.

Hope you like the pictures and that some of my tips make it easier when you are dressing for the summer-heat. I’ve been waiting for this season all year so I have no right to complain haha…I love me some beach summer though ☺ Hopefully I’ll get to have a little vacation by the sea soon. Have the best week ever and enjoy August


Roberto Cavalli Printed Shirt
Zara Crop-top
Old Navy denim shorts
Paola Ferri Platforms
Michael Kors Bag

• Photographed and edited by Karen Gkiounasian

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