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The following days in Belgrade were a lot of fun; I got to hang out with locals (my friends from college) and walked around the biggest streets of the city. It was really hot during the day but luckily the narrow streets formed shades and that’s where a lot of shops and coffee places were located. There were also a lot of artists selling their art pieces (as you can see in the pictures) and I got to purchase some of them to take home with me. I was always taking pictures and everyone was being so nice, it was so obvious that I’m a tourist (haha).

One thing about the center of Belgrade that really inspired me were the old buildings which carried a rich history and beautiful constructions. My friends were being really good tour guides and that’s why I feel like I got to learn so much about the city, it’s always good to hang out with locals anywhere you go. The beautiful architecture followed the “Student Neighborhood” which was the area where the public universities were located and each building was picturesque. The neighborhood was quiet and only young people were hanging out at this huge park in front of the national library, which was a very cozy environment for studying. That neighborhood was one of my favorite areas of the city, it was very peaceful and packed with young people which were all hanging out in groups and socializing with each other.

In the student neighborhood we meet with our other Serbian friends from college who live in different cities but arranged to come and meet us for a little reunion. It was great seeing them again after they graduated and talking about how the “real world” is treating them. Some of them already found jobs and figured what they want to do with their lives for a while, it gave me hope for myself too since I will be going through the same struggle in less than a year. We got coffee and lemonades at this cute coffee place under a shadow of a big tree. My friends told me that this place is a hot spot for fashion people and you could tell that by the way it was designed with the vintage colors and tables. Besides that, it felt so good being around familiar people in an unfamiliar place for me. My friends showed me a very good time and I am so grateful that I made friends with people from all over the world because at times like these you understand how important friendships are and having people you know in different countries is a great excuse for vising them ☺…

My Belgrade adventures will follow in the next post…until then, keep SMILING <3

BCBG Flats
Shorts/Jeans: Century 21
Shirt: New Yorker

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