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Happy Monday, people ☺

It’s been a great week with lots of adventures. Camping was amazing, it was a real jungle with no signs of civilization and I had a blast. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to take any pictures since we left our cameras in the car; it was a long walk away in woods and rocks so we decided to take a break from technology. I’m going again this week though, so if we manage to get some work done this time I’ll share more info about the place.

Today I’m showing you my take on the new trend of culotte pants. I’ve been seeing the trend this spring and summer collections a lot, initially I was not into them but after trying a pair I got hooked. What attracted me to them was not the way they look but rather how comfortable they are for the season. It’s really hot here in Greece so choosing the right fabrics is really important if you don’t want to sweat in clothes all day. Mine are soft cotton with a little stretch and I went for navy blue color. I did so, because I love wearing white shirts so this color is a good one for contrast. Because the pants are so wide, my body shape gets lost in them so I decided to go for a really tight and sexy crop-top in order to show off my upper body part. During the day I wear these two pieces with slip-ons or espadrilles, but for shooting I wanted to show their elegance so I went for these clean white stilettos. I didn’t use many accessories, only this arm jewelry which is handmade in Greece. I did my own make up as usual, and I went for a pink lip to add some sheerness in the look.

We shot at the central municipality building of Thessaloniki. It’s a very beautiful area in fact; the buildings are futuristic and I love how the outfit looks in the background. I left it up to my boyfriend to pick the pictures and edit those that he thought were the best shots; slightly different from those that I had picked but I’m aware that sometimes when looking at yourself it’s hard to be objective. Hope you guys like the look. Will talk again soon ☺ Have a great week!!


Zara Culottes
Zara Crop-top
Atmosphere Stilettos
Arm-Jewelry hand made in Greece

• Photographed and edited by Karen Gkiounasian (Digital Perspective)

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