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I’ve wanted to share with you my skin care routine for a while but haven’t had the occasion to do so until yesterday when I got a face treatment from New Derma followed by a photo shoot. New Derma is a newly opened clinic for skin care here in Prishtina offers all kinds of services regarding skin care. It was such a pleasant treat to get this facial after a long day at work. The owner of the clinic is a dermatologist and she is the one who does all the treatments. I was surprised when she told me that my skin is very healthy and clean. Therefore, she decided to give me a treatment that nourishes my face rather than cleaning it from black heads or other unwanted substances. It was like a face massage but intensified with use of a range of products and a hot gel. When I left the clinic, my skin felt so smooth, like a baby’s face. Even today my skin feels so healthy and is shining even without any make up on.

Throughout the time I was being treated by the dermatologist, I got to talk with her about so many things regarding skin care. I appreciate people like her who are very well educated in the field and I learned so many things I didn’t know even about my own routine. She asked me what I use on my face for cleaning and moisturizing and I told her about my creams with argan oil that I’ve been using the past few months. She said that they’ve helped my skin so much and it made me realize how good they are actually. They’re not expensive and most importantly, they are very natural so I suggest everyone to use argan oil products for skin and hair. Additionally, my habit of drinking lots of water during the day helps my skin a lot that is something I never thought of. Finally, it was interesting to hear her philosophy that skin, hair and nails are all inter-related and that they reflect one’s health accordingly. This clarifies my doubts when sometimes my hair is so thin and nails are peeling, that I should go and check myself up. Overall, this shooting session was very informative and relaxing. My skin definitely feels so soft and healthy and I would recommend it to anyone. Have an awesome weekend loves <3 ———————————————————————————————- • Photographed by Rilind Berisha • New Derma – Prishtinë (Bulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit kati i 2-të (përballë AAK-së) Cakto termin në numrin: 044 229 111 Dr.Spec. Nexhmije Kusari

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