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Hey guys! I’m Jaime. I helped the wonderful Blertina launch BriteSouls back in the Summer of 2014, and this is my first post!

In June, I was introduced to Rocksbox, a monthly jewelry subscription. Basically, you take a style quiz, and the stylists over at Rocksbox curate a box of jewelry for you. If you have a special event coming up (for instance, I had a wedding to attend), you can inform your stylist. They take all of that information into consideration and send over your tailored box.

Note From My Stylist

You can keep the jewelry for as long as you’d like (depending on the membership you have). If you decide you like a piece, you can purchase it from your box. If you weren’t a huge fan of the items you received, you can send them back, and have new pieces sent over. Membership is $19/month and you get $10 of “Shine Spend” each month. You can use the Shine Spend as credit toward any of the pieces you wish to purchase from your box.

You’ll get a free month of Rocksbox, If you use the code roycethefrenchiexoxo when you sign up!

This is a new, and certainly interesting concept – but in the world of costume jewelry, I do tend to get sick of certain pieces, so the idea of switching it up every month or so is pretty sweet. Also, if I am photographed in a statement piece, or my profile picture features any bold items, I tend have a hard time wearing them again. But thanks to Rocksbox I can move on to the next!

In my June box, I received a necklace, cuff and earrings.

Loren Hope - Carina Necklace in Crystal

The necklace is a statement piece that my stylist hand selected for the black-tie wedding that I had mentioned. Unfortunately, the neckline of my dress didn’t allow for a necklace, but this necklace is quite versatile. It helped dress up a simple black dress, and serve as a great accessory for a few work outfits.

Gorjana - Elea Cuff

The cuff also proved to be extremely versatile. It is super lightweight and accented many of my outfits quite nicely.

Gorjana - Roya Shimmer Studs

The earrings had a special place in my heart, as they resembled the evil eye and reminded me of the months I spent living in Greece, a few years back. Overall, I am thrilled with my initial experience with Rocksbox, and look forward to swapping out my pieces. I will likely be purchasing the necklace from this month’s box.

If you’re interested in checking it out, remember to use the code roycethefrenchiexoxo when you sign up, and you’ll get 1 month free!

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