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Hellooo guys <3 Today, while Vesa and me were hanging out at my house, we spontaneously decided to shoot a new night out outfit. If you have been following my blog for a while, you can probably by now recognize the “famous” rooftop, where a lot of my outfits have been shot. It’s the most convenient location for us to shoot because it’s in my building, which saves us time for picking new locations and assembling our spot. In fact, I am so tired of it… I keep cropping the pictures to show less of the background, but still you can tell where the pictures have been taken. We love exploring new shooting destinations and we do that a lot, however; lately both of us have been super busy with school so we are working with what we have…. ☹ In a few months, both of us will have graduated (probably will be unemployed) so we are going to have plenty of time to be more creative with shooting locations and post more often, hopefully! So; I picked this outfit which is probably what I will be wearing tonight when I go out and dance the stress away ☺ I have had this dress for a few years and have worn it many times, I just love Versace prints and colors. When you are wearing such a bold dress, it is important to keep it simple when it comes to styling because there’s a chance you can end up looking tacky, or like a Christmas tree LOL. Therefore, I decided to wear black tights in order to keep the attention in the dress (or because I didn’t have time to shave my legs…MAYBE :p ) I added a few bracelets to keep the outfit fun, but I have worn this dress a lot of times without any accessories at all. The sandals I am wearing today, I have had them for a while as well. A lot of times I wear them with black tights, because this way they look like shoes, you can’t notice the cutouts. The gray platform is very chic and adds quite a lot of height in my tiny body. I am really proud that today I unlocked a new achievement: I managed to jump and pose in the air with heels this high!! I did end up with my face in the floor a few times but it’s definitely worth it. I’m such a sucker for MOVEMENT, it makes fashion so much more fun than static posing. I’m pretty sure very soon I will break a leg or something but: DO IT FOR THE BLOG! That’s the motto ☺ Have a great weekend and drink responsively. Talk to you soon, XXX Wearing: Versace Printed Dress Mango Coat Zara Sandals H&M Bracelets • Photographed by Vesa Pupovci

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