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What a hot summer, right ☺ ?

The only way to survive this heat is definitely the sea; I was lucky to spend some more days at our little paradise in Chalkidiki. It’s the most beautiful little hidden beach surrounded by high mountains and rocks. The view is magical; the sea is in turquoise, blue colors that create juxtaposition with the high rocky mountains. We camped on the rocks, in the first highest cliff from the water. Waking up in the morning and seeing that view made me feel a connection with nature. Living in that jungle, even just for a few days, means leaving everything behind from civilization and try to survive out there in the nature. It’s an experience that the hotel can never give you; to use all your physical and psychological skills to make the make the best decisions for how you spend the day. You become more connected to the earth, start noticing the stars; appreciating beauty all around. We live such hectic lives, surrounded by technology and consumption that we depend so much on them and never allow ourselves a time to bond with nature. I suggest that you do that this summer; it’s the purest form of inspiration. Remember the people you go with need to be on the same page because in the woods, all you have is yourself and the person next you.

Bringing clothes in the jungle is unnecessary; so all I brought this time was bikini. I got this wonderful handmade pair from Mum’s Handmade Clothing who make custom types of clothing for everyone. I chose the seashell model because I love the details of the knit and the white color is my favorite one against a bronze skin. I like being free in the beach so I try not to use any accessories; this time for the photo-shoot we used the knitted bracelet with little balls also from the same brand with the bathing suit. Hope you guys like the pictures and that you take a taste of our paradise. There is so much more beauty there that camera doesn’t do justice. Have a great weekend and enjoy the summer days ☺


Mum’s Handmade Sea Shell bathing suit
Mum’s Handmade Bracelet

• Photographed and edited by Karen Gkiounasian (Digital Perspective)

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