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Starting a new week after an amazing weekend makes me wish it was Saturday every day. On the last entry I had told you guys about Prishtina’s First Flea Market, where I was planning to sell some of my clothes with other bloggers from the city. This event turned out great, much better than I expected!! I managed to sell a lot of my clothes that I haven’t been wearing this summer and some that don’t fit me anymore. Initially I thought there was no demand for second hand shopping in Prishtina, but the number of the people who showed up and bought clothes in this event proved me that there is. Besides selling our clothes, this event was a great opportunity to socialize with other fashionistas and discuss further ideas. The night before the event I was drawing and cutting little shapes to decorate my rack. I spent so many hours on that and was dead the next day but finally my rack looked super-cute and colorful ☺ Thank you to all of those who showed up, hope to see you soon.

Now, back to today’s business ;) I’m pretty sure this outfit is one of the last ones without sleeves for this season…it’s getting cold in Prishtina ☹
I have a thing for overalls; even though I don’t even own a pair yet, when I see it on people it just looks super-cool. When I went to Mollekuqja Boutique to choose my outfits, the first I wanted to try were these gray overalls. They look so comfy and they are indeed, especially if you style them for a more casual look. I wanted to go casual this time; with a white crop top under and white lace sneakers. For the photo-shoot I brought different accessories, this orange hat and this colorful new backpack that I got in Greece. When I got bored of the hat I wore the backpack but both at the same time would be too much color (yes, there is such a thing as too much color haha).
It was fun chatting today with you my loves, wishing you all a great week ahead <3
Talk to you very soon ☺

• Photographed by Genc Agushi

• Edited by Karen (Digital Perspective)

• Styled by Blertina

• Clothes can be shopped at “Mollekuqja” boutique, street “Rexhep Luci” Prishtine

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