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Happy Friday people ☺

I’m done with traveling for a little bit so it’s time to get back to what we usually do when we are here in Thessaloniki; shoot outfits. In Amsterdam we didn’t get a chance to post any outfits so I’m happy to do what I love again and dress myself up. I’m excited that the weather is just getting warmer and warmer now because I kinda got tired of winter clothes and layers. In Greece, once you take the jackets out of your closet, immediately you are wearing dresses and really light clothes. That’s because spring feels like summer here already which feels amazing after experiencing such a looong winter this year.

So, I decided to wear one last coat today to say goodbye to all the coats and jackets I wore this fall and winter. After this, I’m packing my winter clothes for good and it’s time to bring out my wonderful summer clothes which I’m sure you guys will love since I am going to try and style them in different and fun ways hopefully. I was looking to wear this coat for a while, I just didn’t get a chance until today because it’s so light and I brought it with me in Amsterdam but it was so cold to wear it so it just sadly remained in my suitcase. What makes it so special is this geometric print in the front with such vivid colors. It’s made out of visco-elastic cotton, a very convenient and light fabric for the spring. Styling it can be a little challenging because there’s a lot going on in this coat and I had many options in my mind. It can look very good with mom jeans and a basic shirt under, however; I decided to add a little grunge with my favorite black mesh leggings. I put a simple basic shirt under the coat and wore my punk-ish black, leather boots to keep it grunge and urban for the day. I decided to also wear my new favorite sunglasses that are a present from my amazing mommy. I saw them on the Internet once they came out and fell in love but I couldn’t afford them since they are kinda expensive. My mum sent them to me a few weeks ago and I have been wearing them ever since then almost every day. They are so unique, I love the mirror glass and the vintage shape; I believe they make a good combo of futuristic and retro. We shot the pictures by the marine in Thessaloniki with my friend Genc who is helping me out with the blog as well. Every time we shoot with him, we get coffee or food after and we have long talks that makes me wanna go shooting every time we get a chance because it’s a way of bonding. Working with friends can be a lot of fun if both parties are motivated and determined on the same goal, this harmony definitely reflects in pictures and I hope you guys can see how happy we are to be doing this. Thank you for reading and come back in the following days because I’ll be sharing a very special photo-shoot. Until then, enjoy the spring days and have an amazing weekend. Spread the love and the good vibes <3 Wearing: Choies White Printing Long Sleeve Longlone Coat Choies Black Mesh Leggings with Cross Detail Zara Leather Boots Christian Dior Sunglasses • Photographed by Genc Agushi

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