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…and my tattoos are the story ☺

I came across this quote a few days ago and I wanted to share it with you guys because I believe that there is a lot to be said on that. Being a woman; from a small developing country, I was raised to believe that women who expose their bodies do so for attention and male temptation. As if, the body is something to be ashamed of; decorating it with tattoos is considered immoral. I feel empowered to have reached the rationality that allows me to view my body as a temple; to embrace my sensuality and feel comfortable in my skin. I don’t have a perfect body but my flaws are what make me unique. As long as I love my body, I have the right to do whatever I wish with it. I went and got tattoos (real ones :p) even though my family was against it because I felt like my body belongs to me and I’m the only one to decide about what I put on it. If I feel like having some words permanently inked on my skin that means I want to have my story written somewhere and my body is where I have decided to do so because as long as I live, those words and drawings will exist in me.

I decided to share the words above because I look around me and I see many girls and women who seem insecure about their bodies. That, most probably, is not being done willingly but they’ve been trained to think so due to society’s beliefs of what’s right and wrong. I want each one of you reading this to look at yourself and admire what you are seeing because no one else looks like that. Your body is what you have been given by Mother Nature and you should embrace and appreciate it. If you wish to expose it or decorate it with flash tats or real ink, it’s totally up to you and don’t let anyone else decide about your body.

The dress I am wearing in today’s pictures, as you can tell, is very revealing since it has a total open back. A few years ago, I would have never bought or even wear something like that. Today, I wear it and love it every time I do so even though my back is full of moles. My bare skin is the perfect canvas for me to express my creativity even with flash tattoos. I have put them all over my back and my hands because each piece contributes in the telling of my StarTattoos story. I hope you guys like it and see it from this angle as well; as just a beautiful piece of clothing in a woman’s body. Treat your body like a temple; love the body you have been given and never let anyone make your insecure about your own skin. Spread the love <3 Wearing: Urban Outfitters Dress Startattoos (Use the code “BRITESOULS” for a discount) • Photographed by Begalidis Visual Arts

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