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I woke up today, and for the first time in months I don’t hate my life on a Monday. This day seems accomplishing; I woke up without the alarm ringing (something that rarely happens haha…) and already submitted a paper that’s due on Thursday…it’s the little things that make me happy at this point. I enjoyed the weekend with my family who always fill me up with positive energy after not having seen them for more than three months. Living alone definitely has its ups and downs but not being able to see my family as often as I wish is one of the worst things about it, which makes me so melancholic at times. As soon as I hugged my mommy I immediately forgot all the stress and pressure of being a college senior. Because my parents and sister work so much, all the time they could spend here was only a day; I got a taste of home which gave me power, a push to move on with the mountain of assignments that I have to submit. My mum was a little worried about my body weight so she filled my fridge and kitchen with healthy food that makes it so much easier for me during the week, she is so sweet.

It seems like my emotional and mental state affects every aspect of my life, even my work for the blog, which is really funny. Yesterday I woke up in the mood to explore some new shooting places and play dress up with Vesa, this outfit is the outcome. I was inspired by experimenting possible options of outfits for Ben Klock’s concert that I am looking forward to attend tomorrow. These techno events that happen in the city are usually announced weeks before so my friends and me always plan what to wear and such details that one may consider unnecessary. I love doing it because it makes me have something to look forward to, especially when it’s music. So, I decided that the best outfit for the event is this dress with the mesh and geometric details. It has an effortless vibe that makes it appropriate to dance in and requires minimal accessorizing. Because it’s so short, flat boots makes my legs look kinda cool and you can tell how strong and toned they are. I’m glad that even with this crazy schedule I still make time for the gym, it’s an incentive to look good in short dresses. Shooting was so much fun, I was playing around these mirror like windows and of course jumping poses!! Hope you guys like these pictures and another outfit is coming soon ☺ Have an amazing weekend, I hope the positive state I am in reflects to you as well by reading this, being happy is the best thing in life ☺ Sending much love your way <3 Wearing: Choies Dress Zara Boots Atmosphere Sunnies • Photographed by Vesa Pupovci

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