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Heeeey people, happy Friday!!
In this day of the week I’m usually dancing my stress away by going out or just watching movies..being lazy but I was so excited to share this look with you and decided to sit down and write. For those of you who are into fashion, you probably know how thrilling the designer collaborations with H&M are and I’ve been waiting for months to get my hands on the Alexander Wang collection. For those of you who are not familiar with the “ritual”, ever since 2004 H&M has collaborations with high fashion designers who create a collection to then be sold in H&M stores around the world each year. The clothes are produced at low cost by the H&M factories around the world and sold in medium costs around less than 200$ per piece. This case is a perfect example of high fashion (expensive) brands trying to expand to mainstream culture through low fashion (cheap) brands and a strategy of the brand H&M in attempting to change the image from cheap street style to luxurious yet affordable high fashion brand.

In other words, the launch of these collections is a big day for fashion especially after so many sneak peaks have been revealed through social media. People camp overnight in front of H&M stores to get in queue for an opportunity to have some of these pieces that are highly limited. I usually don’t go that far (haha) but I always skip classes this day so I can go downtown as early as possible and try to buy any left overs. On Thursday, when the Alexander Wang for H&M collection launched, my friend came in town so I couldn’t go until around 2 pm and when I went I was heart broken. Almost everything was SOLD OUT!! I had already planned what I wanted to buy from the collection and when I went there all those items were GONE ☹ Because I am a person who tries to make it work with anything, I decided to go through that left over rack and set up an outfit by no means. Luckily, I am a size 34 (the smallest) and the only pieces left were either extra small or extra extra large. So, I grabbed these pants before anyone could reach them (the elbows are serious) and decided to match it with a crop top for a very casual yet edgy look. The details in the pants are so unique and well made, loved them. The crop top is actually a gym shirt with breathable fabric and has a subtle text to it. When you look at these two pieces together, they are two different worlds and wouldn’t think they match, but when I tried them I changed my mind. I always emphasize the verb “risk” when I write about fashion and that’s because I strongly believe that when choosing an outfit you should try stuff that doesn’t even match, that’s how the best outfits come to life. This outfit is a perfect example of risking, none of the leftover items seemed to match but I pulled it off somehow so don’t be afraid to do that yourself when you shop.

Hope to have brought a smile through your face with these pictures and inspired you for a similar outfit. Now, go out there and have some fun ☺ Don’t forget to look fabulous and bring the good vibes!! Talk to you again very soon..XOXO!

Alexander Wang for H&M crop top
Alexander Wang for H&M pants
Chasse ankle boots

Photographed by Vesa Pupovci

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