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Another week went by and id like to wish u all a happy Monday, even though we know there’s nothing happy about a Monday haha ☺

This weekend I spent a lot of time by the sea, reflecting on some events that have been going on in my life. The sea and the sun are very therapeutic for me, the warmth makes me feel loved and watching the waves calms me down. I am lucky to be living in a place where there is a lot of these two when I need to be alone, with my thoughts. Have you noticed how if you look directly in the sea it seems like it’s endless and it goes on forever?! Watching that straight line of water and seeing nothing but the sky makes me think about dreams and courage…gives me faith to battle all the waves in between just to get to the sky.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people have the courage to swim the sea of life and end up living in the shore, fearing the drown before they even hit the waves. In fact, these people might be living the most comfortable lives but to me, stability and constancy have never been appealing. Life is too short to just settle for anything that comes your way. You should strive to look out and dig for things that shake your heart, people that make you feel magic and divinity. Things like that are not easy to be found, but once you do, remember to fight and hold on to them because magic doesn’t happen everyday. It can definitely be a curse to look at life the way I do, it’s never fulfilling and the hardest thing about it is that not everyone is willing to go that far, with you. But I guess everyone follows a certain journey and mine seems to be to seek for extra ordinary things and people. Sometimes it’s sweet and sometimes it’s, oh so bitter, but I will keep swimming those waves until I have reached the limitless sky. Nothing worth having comes easy but that’s what makes life exciting. Break the limits, fight for what you love and don’t let distance intimidate you. Remember: everything in this world is temporary so be brave and don’t let the madness around lose your spirituality. Love like you’ve never been hurt and when you are hurt, use that to your advantage to move on to even GREATER things because you deserve much BETTER than somebody who doesn’t know your worth ☺ Have a great rest of the week

Giorgio Armani Faux Fur
Divided Dress
Tsakiris Mallas Shoulder Bag
Fratelli Karida Boots

• Photographed by Vesa Pupovci and Genc Agushi

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