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Hello guys <3 September is already here, but I’m not going to acknowledge that until I’m done publishing all my beach photo-shoots from the past month. It’s actually still very hot here in Prishina so I’m in my summer mood and so are my clothes. I realize there is still time to pack the summer clothes away because technically when you do so is when you accept that jackets are coming back….(damn, I hate jackets…not looking forward to the layers either -_-) When we are talking about clothes; Prishtina is not considered a big shopping destination given that there is absence of large clothing retailers like H&M, Zara and all its little brands. However; if you are looking for the right outfit it can definitely be found in the small boutiques that sell ‘a little bit of everything’ in terms of brands and styles. I haven’t been shopping here yet and currently I’m in the process of discovering small local boutiques, absorbing the lifestyle through clothing. One that I happen to like, recently opened and located in the heart of the city is “Mollekuqja” (English: Ladybug).It’s owned by young women who are offering trendy clothes at a very convenient price. They have decorated the store by themselves and even create the tags by drawing messages and quotes to sell with a product. We decided that this first photoshoot should be in summer clothes since the store has a summer sale now skin is tanned ☺. Colors are not so bright so technically these clothes can be worn as long as it’s nice out, even if it’s September. The first outfit I chose is this printed skirt with the black top. You know I’m really into oriental prints so this skirt was one of the favorite pieces I picked from the store. I paired it with a simple black tee that has two little hamsa details in the chest. This balance of colors leaves room for creativity in terms of styling. I didn’t want to overdo it since I like to keep the skirt exposed and decided to accessorize only in thin, multi chains. I wore my beloved platform sandals to add a little height in my body and finish the look. I would suggest this outfit for a night out or even a drink. During the day it can be worn with ballerina flats or slip-ons and there you have a street look. A good outfit should be versatile and this one can be styled in so many ways. This photo-shoot is the first one in Prishtina since winter and we’re staying loyal to the original team from Thessaloniki. Me and Genci are the only ones in Kosovo right now so we are trying to keep ourselves occupied until we hopefully find jobs. It’s always fun when we take pictures and this time was no different. We will aim to keep the pace going and hopefully work with more such boutiques in the city. When in need for a cool spot in Prishtina, hit us up; we can suggest you places ☺ Talk to you very sooooon <3 • Photographed by Genc Agushi • Edited by Karen (Digital Perspective) • Styled by Blertina • Clothes can be shopped at “Mollekuqja” boutique, street “Rexhep Luci” Prishtine

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