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Hello from Berlin guys ☺
I got here on Saturday and have been doing lots of different touristy things because the city is so beautiful. It is really really cold though; I’m freezing all the time and it’s kind of a struggle being outside in this weather. I am going to write about my overall experience as a tourist when I get back to Greece and have reflected on it because there is so much to take in. However; today and in the upcoming days I want to share with you my fashion experience of Berlin. I was so lucky to get in touch with KONK, a concept store that I was drooling over while I was doing my research before coming here. The reason I had a crush on this store is that they sell and promote only local fashion designers from Berlin. I thought that this would be the best opportunity to learn about the fashion scene here that to me goes far beyond clothes and reflects the lifestyle of Berliners.

The store is tastefully decorated with minimal yet bohemian details all around. Even the way in which the clothes were exhibited was so creative, every little detail was well thought. They have an awesome graphic wall painted by a local artist in their changing room. The flowers on the desk are a ritual of setting up a new bouquet every Monday. These little things made me fall in love with this store, not to mention the clothes that are as unique as it gets. They sell not too many pieces but every item is carefully picked out so that it looks like it belongs in that store. The styles were very avant-garde and urban, designed by some of the best Berlin fashion designers. Edda, the owner, was an extraordinary sweet and beautiful woman that I feel so fortunate to have met. We had lots of talks about Berlin and fashion, I learned so much from her. Even the way she was speaking about her store and the philosophy behind it, you could tell how passionate and dedicated she is to it. Edda generously helped me pick out whatever clothes I liked the most, always insisting that I stay true to my style and the way I like to dress. So, we picked out a few outfits and then shot them in different locations which you will see one by one ;)

The first outfit is this unique coat which I styled with a simple black dress in order to make it stand out, even though a piece like this never goes unnoticed. The draping and zipper detailing is just over the top creative. It is by the brand Concis, who design avant-garde clothes with minimal silhouettes. They have an extraordinary simplistic vibe, followed by drapes and other details like in the coat I’m wearing. Their pieces look timeless and so sophisticated, at the same time they reflect the artistic Berlin vibe which can be seen everywhere; from the streets until the way people dress. I am so in love with every piece, especially this coat, which makes me feel so grateful to have been given this opportunity to learn about brands like these. Surprisingly, none of these brands are big on social media; some of them don’t even have Instagram and Facebook pages, so the only way to learn about them is by visiting the city or through local concept stores. However; they all have famous and highly priced collections wanted by lots of Berlin youngsters. Hope you guys like the pictures and if any of you are planning to visit Berlin anytime soon this store is a MUST-SEE (you will understand what I’m talking about once you do ;) )
Have an awesome rest of the week and come back in the following days for other amazing outfits. Lot’s of love from Berlin <3 Wearing: Concis Coat Tiedeken Dress All items can be purchased at KONK Kleine Hamburger Str.15 Berlin, Germany

• Photographed by Vesa Pupovci

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  • Yara

    Love this look! I think you need to get a haircut though :P

    Also wanted to share this with you, since you’re my favourite blogger…

    BEST, xxx

  • Blertina Shabani

    Wow, thanks for sharing this :) I try my best to follow these “steps” but I enjoy keeping it fun and relaxed as well…
    About the hair :(…I cut it a few weeks ago; it just looks damaged because I had died them blonde a while ago (big mistake) and the ends are still lighter. It grows so slowly though, I try to cut them as little as possible…maybe I should die my entire hair brown. What do you think?
    Kisses babe, XXX :)

  • Yara

    Well, while I’ve been reading that article I came across some great tips and thought it would be nice to share that with you. Don’t get me wrong I looove your blog and I think it should get more noticed ;-)
    And about the hair.. Yeyee! Go for it!! I’m pretty sure it would look good on you. But then again I want to see how you look with shorter hair.
    Keep up the good work! I’m patiently waiting for the next look.
    Kisses & Hugs

    • Blertina Shabani

      I’ve been wanting to chop my hair off for a while now but I’m too sensitive :( it took me years to grow it…I feel like I need a change but when it comes to hair, nails and make up I try to stay basic with my favorite colors (in case you noticed). Dying it brown would still look natural so I guess I should do it. Thank you for the feedback :)
      also, follow me on instagram @britesouls and I’ll do the same so we can keep in touch about this “hair” thing :p <3

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