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Hey there ☺ New month, new adventures! Once again, I packed all my life in two suitcases and came to Greece, where I go to school for my last year of college. Even though I am so used to the “goodbyes”, leaving my family and the new friends I made back home was kinda hard…it is very difficult for me to build new relationships with people when I am constantly on the go and the moment I get situated in one place, it’s time for me to leave ☹. This summer I was all over the place and as much as I enjoy traveling and am grateful for it, times like these are when I realize how desperately I need to rather “settle down” in terms of locating. But everything happens for a reason, I am still on a journey, trying to find purpose and myself in life wherever that is…one day it’s all going to be worth it.

Anyways, enough of being emotional…let’s talk about happy things like beaches and fashion! One good thing about living in Greece is definitely the weather. While the rest of the Western countries are embracing the fall, Greeks are enjoying the peak of the heat and it seems like the sun is here for another while. Warm weather makes me happy and of course I wouldn’t miss out on some more beach time for this year. I have another week before school starts and I refuse to spend these gorgeous days in my apartment when I could be getting some tan ☺. I chose the area of Xalkidiki because it is close to where I live and there are tons of beaches still to be explored which never cease to amaze me with their beauty.

Today I explored Nea Kalikrateia which is a more local town with lots of beach bars. I have been to some of the beach bars previously but today I decided to enjoy a rather quiet area of the town that is more virgin, surrounded by rocks and mud…perfect for taking blog pictures haha. With that being said, I decided to try out my very first “Triangl” bathing suit, which was a gift from my sister. I was familiar with the brand through Instagram, so many fashion bloggers were suggesting it and giving great reviews. I understand now why, they are SO comfortable and they fit in the body really nicely giving due to their neoprene material, which is used in wetsuits for its excellent thermal insulation, and it seems logical that bikinis follow the same trend to benefit from this firmer and stretchy material. The model that I have is Milly-Candy Pink but I went through their website and literally I want to buy every single piece because they are so cute and they feel even better when you are swimming or tanning. The fact that your crotch doesn’t get wet or stay wet in these bikinis is also much more hygienic compared to others and it makes me think “how come no one thought of this idea before these people designed this piece?”

As a cover up I used this colorful dress from River Island, which I bought hoping to wear it as an actual dress but due to its see through material I am limited to wear it only to the beach. I adore neon colors; especially in this piece because they are put together so well and it flows effortlessly as you are walking…again, such a bummer that I can’t wear it on a daily basis.

I hope you are all having a nice week and overall a good month so far…I am going to be wandering around the beaches for a little more and will make sure to keep you guys posted with some more cool stuff. Keep smiling and enjoy life ☺

Triangl Swimwear
River Island Dress
Ray Ban sunglasses
Parfois bracelets
Handmade bracelets from Mykonos local store

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