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Welcome to Brite Souls. I am so excited to finally put my work and life out there to the world through this blog. I’ve been interested in creating my own page for so long, but it was hard for me to take action. I am currently in Manhattan and this city is inspiring me to chase my dreams to the fullest, starting with Brite Souls.

Even though it’s not my first time visiting Manhattan, it’s the first time that I am living here and attempting to become a local. It feels really great, each day that I leave my apartment, different adventures take place and I meet different people which all contributes to me evolving as a person and striving to be better day-by-day. There is something in this city that takes you in and makes you fall in love with it. Being here, and attempting to start a career has definitely opened my eyes to see how hard it is to survive and make it in the big apple because there are millions of people trying to do the same thing as I am. It intimidates me, for sure, but I am not giving up because I believe that everyone has something unique to offer and eventually we will all make it. It is very important to believe in yourself and never hesitate to DREAM BIG because you never know what comes your way and if you want something really bad, this city is proof that you can make it.

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