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It’s FriYAY ☺

Time to be a hero and rescue some Vodka trapped in a bottle haha. I want to share with you the outfit I’m wearing today to say hello to the weekend in style, as always. I decided to go for black and white that are very bold colors to then soften it with dark purple lips and nails. Actually, I hardly ever change my lipstick and nail color in fall and winter; it looks good with my skin tone, which is sooo pale right now. I started the outfit with this crazy printed sweater from Eleven Paris and if you’re into this as much as I am, check out their collection they have the coolest patterns. I decided to pair it with these baggy leather pants that I bought last year when leather was not as trendy yet and I remember they were really cheap. I wear them very often now because they have an easy vibe and I love that the backside of the pants is not leather but soft texture, which is very comfortable to sit and walk. On my feet I wore these oxford shoes with a little platform, they are not comfortable for long walks but they look good, so I haven’t given up on them yet. As you can probably tell from the pictures, it is very sunny here in Thessaloniki but the wind is “killing us”. It was such a struggle to take these shots and you can tell how windy it was from my hair, which is all over the place haha… If you are paying attention to the quality of my pictures, you can notice a change today. We just got a new lens for the camera and the quality of the image is better, centering the focus on the clothes. In fact, this is not some super advanced technology we’re working with here, but for us this new lens means so much since we’re always trying to improve the quality of the content in the blog. Hope you like it and thank you SO much for reading. Have a great weekend everyone, spread the good vibes ☺

Eleven Paris RIRI Sweater
Zara Leather Pants
Aldo Shoes
Oakley sunnies

• Photographed by Vesa Pupovci

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