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This week started with a lot of rain and caught me unprepared, I don’t want to pack away my cute ballerina flats and there’s way too much dust in my rain boots (or any kind of boots) , they’re packed far far away under my bed. So, in this case what you’re left with concludes to possible soaking in the rain or freezing your butt, but hey…beauty is pain so a little sacrifice is worth the good look haha!

In my case it was a combo of the two: I was freezing and by the time I went home I was soaked in water a.k.a ruined my Tom’s. My starting piece for today’s outfit was this super-long cardigan, which I bought during the summer sales and was looking forward to wear it since then. I paired it with black leather leggings and a basic black shirt because I wanted the cardigan to be the focus of the outfit. For the feet, my forever favorite shoes Tom’s, they are so comfortable and the sparkles look so cute in black. It was great walking around in this outfit, the cardigan has a lot of movement and it feels like a super hero cape. For a minute or two I thought I was Batman…good times!

I hope you like the pictures we took today, the days are getting very gloomy and it’s harder and harder to adjust the lighting and the colors but I am trying my best. Have a very good and productive week, above all a very HAPPY one ☺ Talk to you soon.

Amisu by New Yorker Cardigan
Tally Weijl Leggings
H&M Shirt
DKNY Shoulder Bag

Photographed by Vesa Pupovci

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    Very good blog.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

  • wossy

    Did you manage to get your TOMS dry and clean again, or were they really completely ruined. I bought a pair myself and am now worried wearing them if it rains. What do you think? Should I dare?

    • Blertina Shabani

      Hmmm, I’ve done it a few times but I wouldn’t suggest you wearing them when it rains because you will ruin them eventually, also your feet will be wet and cold. When it comes to getting them clean I wash them on the laundry machine and it depends on the color, on the lighter ones the stains don’t go away that well. In these pictures I am wearing black sparkled TOMS so they didn’t get so dirty. Hope it helps :) Kisses

  • Michelle Fish

    Just to let you know your blog looks a little bit unusual on Firefox on my notebook with Linux .

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