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Well…Hi there people ☺

Since it’s been a while that I didn’t post any outfits, today I chose something more “over the top” in order to make up for the missing time haha….maybe?!
I decided to kick the week with a pair of heels, which doesn’t happen very often…heels during the day is not really what I’m into. But today was such a beautiful sunny day, I woke up feeling so happy with a mind set to experiment in my outfit so there you go:
I started the look with this oversized knitted sweater which I bought a few days ago for a very cheap price on sale. What hooked me up in this sweater is definitely the color; I hardly ever wear purple, but when I do this shade is absolutely my favorite. I love experimenting with different colors in spring until I come up with my own color palette for the summer days. It changes every year so maybe purple could be one of the “chosen” colors. Back to the outfit; since the sweater is so huge (which I love), it requires tight pants or leggings so I went for my favorite leather pants. I decided to go a little crazy on the feet when I found behind my shoe closet these glitter stilettos from many years ago. I remember buying them for a carnival outfit; wore them once and threw them in the large pile of shoes I don’t wear. I paid very little for them as well but surprisingly they’re comfortable, which is the reason why I wore them today because most of the time I avoid wearing heels because my feet hurt. But these heels are fun, I love glitter…it’s girlish, colorful…makes me smile ☺ so these babies are staying out this season and shall be worn again and again…
I decided to bring a bag today as well to add more “elegance” to this look. You may have noticed that I don’t wear a bag all the time when I post outfits and that’s due to my crazy poses, I feel like a bag limits me…especially, when it’s a purse, cross body bags are fine because my hands are free to do whatever weird poses I like hahaaa ☺ I got this bag in Berlin and it’s the first time I’m bringing it out and I love it. I have a thing for quilted bags and this one is a classic yet unique piece with the heart detail and high-lighted squares. I hope you guys like this outfit; I am always trying to wear something differently and non-conventionally. This look is achieved with a low budget so anyone could try it out. Feel free to comment your opinions below and I promise to update the blog again as soon as I get some more free time. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week ☺ ONE LOVE, xxxx

PS. The band-aid on my left foot is there since I have a huge cut on my skin from falling from the stairs a few nights ago. I could’ve removed it with photoshop, but beauty is in imperfections and there’s no point on hiding my clumsiness.


H&M Knitted Sweater
Marks & Spencer Leather Pants
H&M Glitter Stilettos
Moschino Bag
Atmosphere Rings

• Photographed by Genc Agushi

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