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There’s not much to say this Friday besides ‘being an adult is diffuclt’…I see all these kids going to school and I really miss my university and the routine of going to classes. (Kids, please stay in school while you can!!) I’m finding difficult to arrange my time in things I love to do, things I have to do and things I should do.
Anyways, why am I so boring?! It’s FriYAY; let’s put the world on hold.
There are good things going on as well, like The Summit electronic music festival this weekend here in the city. A nice change from the nightlife dynamic of the city, outdoors venue and many artists. I have never been to any festival in Kosovo so I’m looking forward to this first one. Luckily, it’s still summer weather here so that’s another excuse for me to wear my summer-festy outfits. Hope to see some of you there ☺

Today’s outfit is nothing like “the festival type”; really classic and clean. I can be so only on special occasions, not my style but I can play with it. This unique Versace dress is so well made, I feel like every workingwoman would want that in her closet. The length is suitable for a meeting or even a cocktail party and the shape screams ‘elegance’. The color is warm yet appropriate for a more formal look. I just love the golden embellishment down the collar, adds exclusivity that makes the dress unique. The shoes are my favorite thing in this outfit; the new MiuMiu chunky heel is so fierce. Originally I was supposed to wear socks with shoes, which looked awesome, but we lost the socks on the way ☹ It still looks good overall, the shoes are vintage yet modern (also really comfortable, surprisingly). I finished the look with this printed Burberry clutch to keep it playful in my way. Hair folded back is my way of saying ‘elegant’ always with a dark lipstick ☺

In this shoot we decided keep a light background and play with shadow given that the sun was setting. I was double performing haha…making sure the shadow looks as elegant as the girl through exaggerated body language. I like how it came out, terrified of two Blertinas though… one is just enough ☺
Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Until next time, xxx


E premta eshte dita ime e preferuar dhe ne kete blog do ta vereni se ne kete dite jam cdo here aktive dhe kam shume per te there…e cuditshme! Nejse, arsyja krysore pse me pelqen kjo dite eshte se zakonisht dal me shoqeri ose shkoj ne ndonje event, shumicen e kohes rreth muzikes; dicka qe une e adhuroj ☺ !! Sot kam bere plane te jem ne The Summit Fest, event dy-ditor i muzikes elektronike ne Prishtine, konkretisht ne parkun e Germise. Diqka ndryshe nga dinamika e jetes se nates ne qytet, me performanca vendore dhe nderkombetare dhe aq me mire ne nje ambient te hapur. Shpresoj te takoj disa nga ju atje, mendoj se do te jete nje vikend interesant (sic do here ne festivale) ☺

Megjithate, veshja e sotme nuk ka lidhje me festivale; ne fakt eshte diqka qe mund te vishet ne ndonje takim profesional ose ne ndonje event me formal. Nje fustan shume klasik; me nje forme elegante dhe ngjyre te ngrohte qe te pushon syte. Detajet me pllaka ari i japin finese dhe vene ne pah qepjen e perkushtuar. Kepucet, ne anen tjeter, jane shume shik; taka e trashe kete vjeshte eshte nje trend boteror. Kane nje stil ‘vintage’ te refinuara ne moderne, gjithashtu shume te rehatshme per kemben. Keto kepuce duken shume bukur edhe me corape gjysme te gjata ose te shkurta, japin nje stil Hollywoodi. Qanta e vogel Burberry ne printin klasik eshte nje kombinim i bukur per fustana nje-ngjyresh. Floket e mbledhura mbrapa per mua therrasin ‘elegance’ prandaj ne cdo veshje elegante i mbledh floket duket ia bashkangjitur nje buzekuq te erret. Kishim fat me driten gjate realizimit te ketyre fotove, pak para perendimit te diellit arritem ta nxjerrim hijen prane trupit tim. Krijon nje iluzion te kendshem, sidomos kur trupi ka levizje te eksagjeruara e cila e ve ne pah formen e hijes. I krijuam me shume perkushtim dhe shpresoj se ju pelqejne ☺ Ju uroj vikend shume te kendshem dhe kthehuni prap te henen per nje veshje super-cool. Mpuq!


Versace Collection Dress

MiuMiu Shoes

Burberry Clutch

Guess Earrings

• Photographed and Edited by Digital Perspective Photography
• All clothes can be shopped at Runway Boutique, UCK 103/2 , Prishtine

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