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Hello there my friends ☺

It’s the last week of classes, in university, forever!! Normally, right now I would be feeling melancholic and sad about this but the reality is that I can’t wait to be done ☺ I realize I’ve been going to school ever since I was 6 and honestly, I’m looking forward to not having finals week ever again in my life. I guess the reality will hit me when I actually graduate, in the end of June. For now, I have a bunch of papers to submit and more exams until I will ultimately be FREE…
I’m excited to share with you today’s story. I have been chosen to participate in the Friend-ship Project by StyleFruits that follows an outfit that will be traveling to different countries from blogger to blogger. The moment I learned about it, I thought it was great because it also creates a bond with the other participants. When the package gets shipped there’s also a notebook where each blogger writes something to her “next friend” and I loved reading what each one had to say about friendship. Friends are the most precious jewels in life and I love all my friends, and look forward to making more around the world. The bloggers from the friend-ship project are a good start for me to get introduced to new, alternative bloggers across borders.

So, in the friend-ship package there is a white shirt and a black leather jacket that each blogger must style according to her own taste. Because I am the sixteenth participant in the project, looking at how the other girls had styled theirs, it was very challenging to choose something really authentic. I decided for this outfit to use my puffy skirt that I had made for the charity fashion show, which was in fact a part of the full black dress. It’s definitely not so well made but I love the volume and its sheerness. This time we went for a more dramatic photography and this skirt added the vividness we were looking for. Because the skirt is so long and my body, as you know, so small, I had to wear my plain black stilettos. They add the height that I need to make this outfit look elegant and sophisticated by subtly showing some skin from the skirt. We also went for a new concept in this photo-shoot by creating visual manipulation in the photo with the friendship logo. It looks like I’m running but in fact I am laying down in the ground, the motion is a matter of perspective and through Photoshop we edited the background and added some icons to make it look more creative. I hope you guys like them, playing with photography is as much fun as playing with outfits so I enjoy doing both at the same time.
Make sure to follow the next route of the frien-ship on:

I am sending the package to another big city of Europe, to a blogger friend that I met recently. She is really sweet and humble, her blog is super-cute and I have kept in touch with her ever since then. I am honored to share with her this amazing experience and share our stories when we reunite. You can find out who she is…SOOON ☺

Muubaa Leather Jacket
Friend-ship White Oversized T-shirt
Skirt Made by Me ☺
Atmosphere Stilettos
Vonhey! Golden bracelet

• Photographed and edited by Karen Gkiounasian (Digital Perspective)

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