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What’s up guys??
Hope everything is well ☺
I’m enjoying my break and packing for Athens, so excited to be there tomorrow. I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated with pictures in the blog or on my Instagram and Facebook account.
Today I want to share with you more fitness tips, including fashion as well. If you are spending one to two hours a day in the gym, it’s fair enough to say that dressing for the “occasion” is important. Personally, I love gym clothes so I use it as an excuse to buy them then wear them throughout the day as well. My favorite thing are the Dry-Fit tights, they usually come in different colors and prints. And because, I love prints,;as you know, most of my gym leggings are colorful. I try to keep my tops simple and monochrome, also in dry fit fabric because it’s the best for soaking the sweat and doesn’t get your skin irritated. I also love the bras; especially when they have a weird cut on the bag, I use them outside of the gym as well. The shoes are another topic; I’m obsessed with light Nike sneakers. They also come in different colors and they are so light it’s so easy to work out in them. Regular sneakers that you wear in the streets are probably not a good idea to workout in since they are usually heavy which makes your workout more difficult. I have a few pairs and I try to match them according to what I am wearing.

My trainer Theodora is also a fitness fashion freak; she has all kinds of leggings with the coolest prints. She is always wearing different sneakers and tops as well and one of the reasons why I would be a gym instructor would be to have more clothes like these in my closet haha…There are a lot of girls in my gym who have really cool gym clothes and I admire looking at them when I’m there. Today me and Dora decided to go for a similar colorful outfit in our workout session. We decided to go for printed pants and monochrome top and bra. They both have surreal prints that I happen to love. I decided to wear only the bra since I love the back and well…it was kinda hot. Our shoes match in fact; we are wearing the same model in different colors. Mine is white and blue/green, Dora’s white pink/purple.

Today we did some planks; really important for your workout. You can stand on your elbows and then on your palms, it strengthens your abs a lot. As you progress you can try staying in one hand as well, the longer you stay the better it is for your abs. We continued with some more squats, this time using rubber band handles. This way you exercise your arms and back as well while you squat. You may have noticed that I exercise my abs and hips the most during my workouts. That’s the reason because I want those areas to be more muscular than the rest of the body. I’d say I’m doing better with my thighs and hips than with my abs. I do a lot of squats and I notice that my muscles in the thighs and my bootie have become stronger and look better than before. I feel like it gives a better shape to my body especially since I’m tiny and short. Abs, on the other hand, is what I’m struggling to achieve. Even though I exercise a lot, my trainer told me that it matters more on the food. So, in order to have a flat stomach and define abs, you should mostly eat fruits, vegetables and proteins. I don’t eat that well so this could be my flaw.

Let me know how you work out and what’s the part you want to improve the most and how? I love to hear more from you so we can exchange tips, because I need them and probably the other readers as well ☺

Have an awesome rest of the week and don’t forget to SQUAT ;)

Nike Dry Fit Leggings
Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra
Nike Sneakers

Theodora Wearing:
Nike Top
Nike Bra
Nike Dry Fit Leggings
Nike Sneakers

Photos taken at Gymnasium fitness center in Botsari, Thessaloniki

• Photographed by Vesa Pupovci

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