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Hello beautiful people ☺! I hope you are all enjoying the summer and being happy. I am spending my last week in Manhattan, then traveling around for another week until I go back home. My days have been super-busy, trying to meet up with all my friends for one last time and trying to make the most out of this last week. It’s going to be very hard to leave the city because I already feel like home but I look forward to see my family and friends back home whom I miss so much.

In this entry I want to share with you my thoughts on fashion because I want to keep the blog diverse just like my life is. I don’t consider myself a “fashionista” but I’ve been reading, studying and following fashion ever since my early teenage years. I follow different fashion bloggers from around the world because I love seeing the way people adapt the same trends differently and it helps me keep up with all the styles and tendencies. I also follow different fashion designers and their blogs because it’s a nice opportunity to learn the insights of fashion and their work, what inspires them and how they advertise their pieces. Instagram is a great social network for following fashion, especially if you are looking for authentic and diverse styles, there are so many fashion bloggers around the world and somehow in Instagram you find out about them.

When it comes to me, my style has been constantly evolving in parallel with my character. When I was in high school and early college years my outfits were always so bright, with lots of bows and glitter, always rocking some massive headbands or hats. I loved to take risks with my outfits and most of the time I pulled it off well, not because what I was wearing was always on point, but because once I left the house in that outfit I had to stand behind it and rock it as best as I can. I am so grateful I did that because it helped me build my confidence but also allowed me to experiment in different ways through fashion to find myself. Nowadays, I feel like I dress way more casual which is a reflection of my maturity and development from a teenager to an adult. I’ve embraced a more comfortable dressing style by adding a lot of cute sneakers, hippie pants and tribal prints. I still use my clothes from years ago but I try to modify them to my current style in order to look more comfortable and effortless.

I am writing this entry because I want to share with you the most important lesson that I have learned by experimenting with fashion; it’s not about how you LOOK, it’s about how you FEEL. Your clothes should always be comfortable so you can feel good about yourself and this will reflect the way you look and not vice versa. Fashion is a means of expressing yourself through what you wear and how you wear it so don’t hesitate to be creative with your clothes. But most importantly, always remember that clothes are material goods and they don’t serve to make you happy. I know a lot of people who are so obsessed with shopping and clothes, their happiness relies on that and I think that’s sad. There are no clothes in this world to make you feel as good as somebody loving you or bringing a smile in your face so make sure you priorities don’t depend on material goods. Find a hobby that fulfills you emotionally like helping those in need or making others smile, anything that would make you happy but doesn’t rely on money.
I hope you enjoy this outfit I was wearing yesterday at my friend’s rooftop hang out. My hair was looking messy so I started with the turban, then ended up picking out the shorts in the same color which I love. White is my summer color and I always use it to balance with bright colors as this green I have going on here. I hope you like it and would love to read your thoughts on this entry or if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment, I’d like to know what you guys want to read about. Have a very happy weekend and don’t forget to smile ☺


Calvin Klein Shirt
Pin Up Shorts from a Greek local store
Roxy Shoes
Turban by Katerina Karoussos
Burberry Sunglasses
Steve Madden Bag

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