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Hey guys ☺

It feels so good to be back to blogging and styling outfits after so many weeks of studying. Good news is: I am done with college (exams, thesis, everything). Not sure if that’s exactly ‘good news’ because real world seems tough but at the moment, I am loving the freedom. I’ll give you a post-graduate reflection after I have received my degree and have come back down to earth because right now I’m in my La-La-Land ☺

My boyfriend and I have been working together for a while now in producing blog content. He picks the venues and handles everything with photography, and I decide on styling and writing. I must say, he is very professional and talented; he is looking at pictures from another eye that gives me great feedback. We are always up for ‘weird’ stuff; we like being different and trying new things. I hope the passion that we work with radiates through the pictures and gives you positive energy of love.
Today I’m feeling blue with this eye-printed dress. The shape is just right; I love the neck because it gives elegance to the face. The pointed blue shoes are the right match for a dramatic look. I love the blue background we shot at; it looks so pop-art ish in contrast to the more futuristic buildings in the other pictures.

Hope you guys like them; feel free to share any of the pictures in social media, as long as you give us credit for the work. I gotta run now; we are leaving to go camping for a few days in Xalkidiki. It’s my first time going in the second leg so I’m so excited; we’ll make sure to charge our cameras so we can take some snaps and give you a little taste of that paradise. Thank you for reading ☺ Sending lots of kisses you way, XXX

Choies Dress

Zara Shoes

• Photographed and edited by Karen Gkiounasian (Digital Perspective)

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