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No matter how old you are, rollercoaster parks are a great way to spend your Sunday or any slow day of the week. My friend and I were hungover yesterday and spontaneously decided to go to Six Flags Great Adventures for the day, it was the best decision ever! I have been to a lot of rollercoaster rides in different countries of Europe but Six Flags was a whole new level. To begin with, it was HUGE….very big, you need days to go on all the rollercoasters of the park. It was very well designed also, all the roller coasters were themed according to a cartoon or super hero and the place was beautifully decorated all around.

The rollercoasters were of all kinds; some were easier while some were intense and you had to be really brave to go on them. The first one we went to was called Superman and it felt like we were flying. I was laughing and screaming at the same time and before I knew it we were back on the ground. The wait for the rides was from 20-40 minutes and they lasted for less than a minute, what a bummer. Another right that I really liked was the Congo Rapids, a river rafting experience through a dense jungle. You strap in this round raft and go through the downstream flow of the river where unpredictable wild waves toss you around and you get soaking wet. It was a hot day yesterday and we dried fast but there are also drying stations around the park in case you are not comfortable with being wet.

My absolute favorite activity at the six flags was the safari ride, you get a tour in a safari truck where you visit all the animals that they have there as you learn about their life from the tour guide. Usually I don’t go to zoo’s and places where animals are captivated but this place was a big jungle where animals seemed to live comfortably. Each land was separated according to the animals that were inhabited and adapted to their climate and living conditions. They even had big ponds of water where the animals could cool off and play; the bears were so cute splashing each other. Animals had names and were given special treatment by the workers of the park, you could tell that they were happy and it made me feel better going there. I was excited the most when I saw tigers, they are such cute huge cats and all different types were there such as; albino, black and striped. I was also impressed with Zebras, we got to drive so close as they were prancing around…their skin was so beautiful, the stripes are even cuter from close up, and its brown and white not black and white as we are taught to think.

Getting closer to these animals and the overall park experience was over the top, so happy I did it. Not a typical activity I would do as a tourist but I’m glad my friend convinced me into it because Six Flags was very professional, safe and entertaining. It feels good to go on those roller coasters, you feel liberated and brave while you are up there all you think you are flying. Life is a rollercoaster and sometimes the ups are so good that the downs are worth it ☺…

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