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Hello peopleeeee ☺

It’s been a while, I know, finally I’m done with final exams and I have a few weeks off which means that there will be a lot of material in the blog the upcoming days.

Today’s post is something slightly different than what I usually post but I receive a lot of questions about how I stay in shape so I wanted to actually show you my fitness routine. I’ve been working out intensively the last three years; six times a week with little breaks during the summer and winter holidays. I spend a lot of time in the gym and I’m really into it so I guess it’s time to start sharing some of my fitness tips ☺

Here’s the thing; I used to be really fat when I was a child and in my early teenage years so a lot of my classmates used to make fun of my body. Eventually I lost those extra kilos because I was growing up I guess. Ever since then, I am kind of obsessed with my body weight, I don’t wanna be fat ever again because it’s really easy for me to gain weight but soooo hard to lose it. I am not really a “healthy” person, I eat really bad food but I make up for it with working out. Ideally, if you do the two the results are much better but I love Nutella and pasta way too much to be doing that. I hardly eat any proteins or vegetables but I love carbs and sugar. The good thing is that eat a lot of fruits as snacks or usually for breakfast and I drink lots, lots of water throughout the day. I go to the gym everyday mainly because it gives me energy and I sweat out the negative bullshit. I don’t work with the machines but I do classes such as: Pilates, Abs and Hips, Tae Bo and my favorite Body Pump. I find them much more effective than regular working out because you are around other people and it’s a lot of fun. It is very helpful to have a workout partner so that you can motivate each other. Fitness is not only about exercising, interacting with people and making friends while exercising makes you more determined to never skip a day.

My fitness partner is my instructor Theodora, she is so sweet and patient, and needless to say her body is perfect which motivates me to keep up with her. The gym where we exercise is a very friendly environment where everyone feels comfortable, which is something really important if you are working out for a long time. When it comes to the exercises I want to point out my main objectives which can serve as tips for those of you who want to build and tone your body:

-be DETERMINED, don’t skip a day, even if you don’t feel like going get your ass up and just go to the gym

-do a lot of SQUATS; they are wonders for bootie and thigh muscles

-do a lot of AB EXERCISES; the only way to get a flat stomach

-work out other parts of your body constantly as well but less intensively

-CHALLENGE yourself with new goals; in my case it’s weights, I try to add more kilos in the bar at least once a month

-learn how to do your exercises RIGHT; if you’re not doing them right, there’s no point in exercising at all

-as long as you exercise, you can eat whatever you want; nobody says this but I am because for me it works so it might work out for you as well

-drink a lot of WATER

There is a lot more I have to add in this subject but today I’ll leave it with that. If you want to learn more let me know so I can post more tips or even exercises. I hope you like the pictures that we took with my trainer; we are doing some squats and exercises for the arms and chest. It was a lot of fun sharing this with you and I will try to post fitness articles every once in a while. Since tomorrow is Monday, hopefully this will inspire you to start a membership at a gym close to you so you can start working on your body; it’s never too late.

One last thing: seeing results takes a lot of time so be patient and don’t let this discourage you. My muscles came to show only recently and as I mentioned above this is after THREE YEARS of working out six times a week. Throughout time your muscles will start to show and you will feel so proud so just be patient.

Nike Top
Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra
Reebok Gym Pants
Nike Sneakers
Under Armor Headband

Theodora Wearing:
Nike Top
Reebok Gym Pants
Asics Sneakers

Photos taken at Gymnasium fitness center in Botsari, Thessaloniki

• Photographed by Vesa Pupovci

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