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I hope you are having a lovely weekend so far and that your hangover is not as bad as mine…hahaha I’m enjoying some free time here in Thessaloniki and it feels really good to be at my home after all that traveling. They say home is where you make it; I believe that’s totally right, I’ve made my home here in Thessaloniki and anywhere else just feels a little odd if I stay for more than a few weeks. Even when I go back home to my family where I lived so many years and have all my beloved ones, it still feels a little vague at times. It’s probably because all my life now is in this little apartment and I’m the only one living here that makes it really hard to share a living space with others. I find comfort in solitude and it really makes me wonder if I will ever be able to share a place with another person?! I guess we shall find out in June when I move back home after graduation…I’m trying not to think so much about it but it’s only a few months away and everything comes down to that after all. (insert mixed feelings emoji here…hah)

Anyways, back to fashion and the outfit I am wearing today ☺. It’s the last one from my collaboration with KONK concept store in Berlin. I loved every single piece I wore, but I saved the best for last; so this one is my absolute favorite from all four outfits. It just feels really ME; something I would wear on a daily basis, to school or run errands in the city. The fabrics are warm and soft which makes the outfit SUPER-COMFY; perfect for busy girls like me who look for ease in fashion. Being comfortable doesn’t have to be basic, such fabrics allow you to play with colors in ways that will add a little drama to this effortless. Because I love prints, I was totally hooked on this cape jacket designed by the talented Berlin designer Stephanie Franzius. It has a really unique cut which makes it flexible to style and wear it in different seasons. If you pay a closer look at the back of the jacket, you will notice a circular shaping; a draping detail that gives movement and femininity to the woman wearing it. Its turquoise camouflage print is so vibrant and unique that I believe requires a dress down for the bottom half of the outfit. You can go for basic fabrics, id say monochrome depending on the occasion you are wearing it. In my case, I went for these wool pants that look like track pants because they are just so effortless but so well made. I chose gray because I wanted to keep the attention on the jacket but you could play around with colors of your pants when wearing a similar piece. We shot at this “abandoned” beer garden in Berlin that looks so gloomy due to the cold weather. Apparently, in the summer this spot is a common hangout because of the beautiful location but now there is nobody there and it looks kinda reckless but I love how well the outfit blends in the scenery. Enjoy the pictures and let me know if you have any questions. I want to say THANK YOU to Edda from KONK for the amazing opportunity and for introducing me to such unique designers and pieces of clothing. This experience has definitely given me another outlook of fashion; it has opened my eyes to see it as an artistic installation in the female body, so beautiful. There is so much more to learn, there are so many more talented fashion designers out there that we never hear about. My blog will always have space for talented and inspiring people; I love writing about them and telling you more about their work. So, if you know any talented people who create cool, non- conventional clothes, feel free to suggest me their names so I can give a look myself. This life is all about sharing; and in this blog we share things and information that inspires us to create something beautiful and make the world a better place <3. Thank you for reading, lots of LOVE ☺ Wearing: Franzius Drape Coat Rob-Ert Pants All items can be purchased at KONK Kleine Hamburger Str.15 Berlin, Germany www.konk-berlin.de

• Photographed by Vesa Pupovci

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