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Hello people ☺

Just wanted to quickly update you with another outfit that we shot this week. I finally got to wear this printed dress in different shades of blue that I had bought this winter on sale together with the shoes and bag. I love this print because it gives you choice to match with any shade of blue or green, or even white as long as the shoes and bag are monochrome in order to keep the attention in the dress. I decided to go for a “dirty” baby blue with these pointed shoes and bag. I wore these shoes one night when I went out to a club, which was such a bad decision, people were stepping on me and it was really hard to bring the color back to normal after so much cleaning. In fact, you can still tell some stains in them from the pictures. My suggestion: don’t wear colorful suede shoes when you go out, especially in crowded places, because the color gets ruined forever. The bag is another smart purchase I’ve made this winter; it matches with everything and I love the size. It’s big enough to fit everything you need, and small to keep it cross body; perfect size for a day bag in my opinion. I decided to finish the look with my favorite mint green turban. I am obsessed with hair accessories in general but turbans remain my favorite. It’s really hard to find well fitted turbans for some reason; so whenever I find a good one I can’t resist but buy it. It’s a smart purchase as well because I wear my turbans a lot; summer and winter. Whenever hair is dirty or looking messy, turban saves the day and right styling makes it look very chic. That’s all for today guys, I gotta run to school…Hope you like the pictures ☺ We’ll talk again this weekend!! Kisses and hugs from me <3 Wearing: Zara Dress Zara Bag Zara Heels Katerina Karoussos Turban • Photographed by Vesa Pupovci

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