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Hoy Hoy from Amsterdam peeeps ☺
I am actually trying to recover from this crazy easter weekend I just had, after attending a super cool festival here in Amsterdam. Me and my friend from New York decided to reunite in Amsterdam, which was something we did two years ago and had so much fun so we couldn’t come up with a better spot in Europe to spend a fun spring break. So, we started the trip by attending DGTL festival for two days that is something I wanna tell you guys more about because it was so extraordinary. I will write a city travelogue about Amsterdam after I go back home as well, so if you want to know more touristy information, keep an eye out ;)

It’s hard to know what to expect when you buy a ticket to a festival you have very little information about, but it’s always when you are not expecting so much that you have the most fun. This festival has definitely exceeded all my expectations, amazing vibes. We went there two days, however; we didn’t camp at the venues which was an option but we went back to our studio after the parties and went back during the day. The festival took place in the NDSM Dockland, which was just a ferry ride across the city’s city center. The area was very industrial and DIGITAL, just like the name of the festival. There were six stages; some of them bigger and outdoor, some were smaller warehouse stages. There was digital art-work all around the festival; robots, trippy lights , fire shows all to give people alternative entertaining when they are taking a break from the music.

The line-up was one of the most appealing information we had before joining the festival, and that’s the main reason we bought the tickets. I tried to see as many acts as I could, but with such a line-up there are bound to be overlaps so I had to miss some of the acts. My favorite sets were: Noir, John Talabot, Adriatique, Art Department and of course JAMIE JONES. I am a huuuge fan of Jaime Jones and the Hot Creations label; it was a dream come true to party to his music which closed the first night. My favorite thing about going to music festivals in different countries is that you get to hear new, fresh sounds from local DJs that are not so well-known yet. This was the case with last time we visited Amsterdam and went to some parties; all those DJs I saw for the first time then are now really famous guys in the music industry. It feels good to watch talented people grow and get international recognition.

The crowd is the most important element of festivals, always! After being to several festivals around Europe and New York, I’d say that Amsterdam has one of the best vibes because Dutch people are really friendly and interesting all around. There were a lot of foreigners at this festival as well; many British, French, Switzerland, Ireland and countries around that came just for the festival. Everyone was dancing and making friends at the same time, we talked to lots of funny characters as well. It feels surreal to be in such a magical setting with thousands of people who are just enjoying their time and sharing their gummies or drinks, or anything. I liked the crowd so much because they weren’t raging and aggressive like some people get at festivals; it was fun and laid back, everyone was respecting each others space which is really important.

Fashion at festivals is one of the reasons I like going to such events so much because I get to wear the craziest, funniest clothes I have. The first day, my friend and I wore Techno 99 shirts that were sent to us for the festival. They are a Netherland based brand selling basic shirts and sweaters in different styles, specifically festival and party clothes. However, all their pieces can be worn alternatively because they are just dope. Unfortunately, it was extremely cold (my luck with weather this year has been a big FAIL), my techno shirt remained under the hundreds of layers I was wearing on top. The second day; we had to wear our warmest clothes we brought, it was such a struggle because we both brought spring clothes, because April…duh! I was literally looking like a fat bunny with all the hats and the faux fur, even dancing with gloves on….trying not to freeze haha ☺ Everyone else was so on point, wearing really cool outfits; I think they were used to the cold and well prepared, no one was freezing like I did. Dutch people in general are very trendy; you see the finest fashion in the city streets.
So, here I am today…trying to get back to real life, it’s really hard doing it after a festival…but looking back at it makes me so happy that I experienced something so unique. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that afterhours parties were not included in the weekend tickets and it was such a hustle to get tickets again for the after parties before they sell out. Other than that, I miss everything about it ☺…I’m glad we have a few days to explore the city and wander around. I’ll keep u updated with the rest of the stories. Hope everyone had an amazing easter, take care bunnies ☺

Techno 99 Crop Top
Techno 99 Shirt-dress


Pictures taken by Jaime Getto and Official DGTL Website

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