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Heeeey people <3 It’s been so long; missed talking to this visual square screen. Instead, I’ve been avoiding the screens and talking to people; trying to catch up with my friends and reconnecting with people back home. I feel like a newbie, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad. Anyways, you will be hearing a lot of stories from Prishtina in the following weeks since we’ve been shooting some cool stuff and it’s on the way ;)

Today I’d like to share with you this little piece of heaven that me and my boy called “The Bunny Island”. Basically, bunny is like our trademark so we named it such to claim it as our island (haha, we’re weird). It was a little hidden gem in the beach Lagonisi, second leg Chalkidiki and trust me when I say it’s a little piece of heaven. The view you’re seeing in the pictures was something we woke up to every morning, given that our tent was on the rocks facing the sea. The water was crystal clear in the white, soft sand making each swim a little adventure to explore in between all those rocks.

When you are with the person you love, even a little room can seem like a paradise and this little getaway for us was magical; after being away for over a month. We put our hammock under the trees and were beating the heat with cuddles and kisses; rest of the time we were eating fresh fruits or sandwiches that we made in our “kitchen” aka rocks. Not everything was flowers and rainbows, there were some struggles of course, as there always is when you’re in nature with a tent. First night, our mattress got deflated and I woke up at 6 in the morning feeling the pain of the rocks in my back. Second night, I destroyed the tent (of course -_-) so mosquitos were biting us everywhere. We managed to get a new mattress and net for the tent eventually, after so much walking barefoot and without clothes.

I just love this jungle; careless and free, how I imagine an ideal summer should be. Having somebody on the same page to share this all this with is what I consider to be fortunate. I am already back home but this past week in Greece will remain unforgettable. I miss him so much, everyday but I look forward to our next extra-ordinary adventure together. To all of you reading; may you find somebody as crazy as yourself and never stop seeking for experiences out of your comfort zone. Life is a journey of unpredictable turns but without a doubt the whole process is beautiful. Be patient and spread the love, good things will come to you <3 Never stop dreaming…. Blertina Photograpghed and edited by Karen Gkiounasian (Digital Perspective)

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