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Happy Friday guys :)

It’s nice to share some things here and there with you, but an outfit is definitely the occasion to write about. We took these pictures during last weekend and the fact that I’m posting them today shows how limited my time is for anything else in life besides work. Good thing is that I love what I’m doing in the advertising world so my dedication has shifted totally in this field. I’m still looking cute at work and wearing my outfits though haha J…just no time to document any of this.


But every once in a while, I can wear a super-nice outfit and call it a day for shooting just like last weekend when I decided to wear this all black outfit with my new killer platforms. I find myself wearing black everyday more and more; especially at work, I feel more mature and serious in dark outfits. I’m transforming into a dark soul…probably, but no! I chose this outfit for a day in the city but I also wore it at work the next day. I started with the black faux leather skirt and decided to play everything else around it. Please have in mind that every time I wear leather, which I love, I imply faux (synthetic) leather because I’m strongly against animal cruelty and I think killing them so people can “look good” is pathetic. Anyways, I borrowed this black simple coat from my sister and I love it because it’s basic and I can wear it with anything else. A turtle-neck to keep my neck warm in black and black tights were all I needed to complete this outfit. I can definitely say that it’s an easy outfit to reproduce with all the black items you might have in your closet. For shoes, I received these beautiful Flatform Brogues from my favorite Greek shoe designer Tsakiris Mallas and as always my obsession with his shoes; I refuse to wear anything else in my feet. I feel like they add edge to this look even though they are a little “oxford-looking”. The dark maroon color blends beautifully with the blackness of the outfit and the platform adds height to my body, making me look more elegant (or at least that’s what I think).


Hope you guys like the pictures we took with my Vesa <3 She is finally back from Greece and currently living in Prishtina so our shooting process was fun as usual; in a sketchy corner of the city center around so many people voicing their comments. It’s always an experience…cheers to many more J




H&M Leather Skirt

H&M Coat

Sisley Turtle Neck

Valentino Bag

Flatform Brogues from Tsakiris Mallas


  • Photographed by Vesa Pupovci
  • Edited by Digital Perspective Photography
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