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Happy Monday people ☺

So excited to start this super-busy week and I decided to update the blog for some writing therapy. I wanna tell you about a project we shot this weekend, which is so much fun and fits BriteSouls perfectly. I’m talking about flash tats; temporary metallic tattoos. They are really popular during festival seasons and summer, I was looking at photos from Coachella and many girls were rocking them so I desperately wanted some for myself. I had no idea that there was somebody in Greece making and selling them until we got invited by StarTattoos to wear, style and shoot their products.

Flash tats can be worn throughout the year but the metallic colors look the best on a tanned skin. For somebody who doesn’t like wearing lots of jewelry (like myself), flash tats are the best solution since you can put them on like bracelets, necklaces or even rings. Plus, they don’t wash off for about 2 weeks so it really saves you time on choosing and putting on your accessories. If you decide to wash them off though, you can do so by applying some oil on your skin and then scrubbing it off with a sponge. The process of putting them on is even easier; you just apply the tattoo, put some water, take the paper off and there you go.

For the first set of photos I decided to go for a tribal, beachy look because it suits with the style of the StarTattoos so well. In act, every set of sheets with tattoos is a different style but this one is my favorite because I’m a hippie deep down. I picked out my favorite hippie pants with elephants and just a bikini top since our shooting location was the beach. As you can tell, I chose all kinds of tats for this look; on the arms, stomach and even on my face. There is no such thing as “too many flash tats” haha (that’s what I like to tell myself). After the shoot, in fact, we went for lunch at the mall and it was packed with people who were looking at us like we are aliens covered in tats. I’m still wearing some of them and they are looking F I N E ;)

So, that’s it about today’s flashtats. I’ll give you more looks and stories from StarTattoos in the following days. If you wish to get your own flashtats, they are very cheap and you can order them from They also have more information about the products that is going to answer all the questions you might have regarding the tattoos and how to apply them. Don’t forget to use the code “BRITESOULS” for a discount ☺

More amazing photos and outfits are coming up this week so keep an eye out. Wish you all an amazing week. Love <3

• Photographed by Begalidis Visual Arts

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  • Yara

    Hahaa you’re so cool!!! I love reading your blog and deff missed your posts. The wavy hair and the flash tatts look amazing- but I’m more obsessed with your real tatts which I love both of them :-)

    You’re rocking this look <3

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