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Hello again my dear friends ☺

It’s really hectic over here in my life; it’s the last months of college and this semester is overwhelming (probably because I am taking seven classes instead of five, like other students do). Finding time to work on the blog has become really tough, I try to squeeze in shooting as much as I can in order to give you new material at least a few times per week. However; even though I have so many other ideas when it comes to the blog, for now I am going to put them on hold and just keep doing the regular outfit posts. I am trying to figure out what I am doing with my life after college and it’s really stressful so I hope you understand where I’m at. No matter what; you probably know by now how much I love blogging so I am still going to try and stay active as much as I can. Honestly, I wish the time I had available to work in the blog was as much as I want to but sometimes in life you have to prioritize according to what’s more important. Right now my goal is to graduate and submit my senior thesis project on time. The topic for my thesis regards fashion and female empowerment; so I am going to research and write a lot about fashion regardless. Unfortunately, I can’t share any of that with you yet until it’s finished and published; I will put it on the blog as well because I’m sure a lot of you would be interested on the issue.

So, I decided to share today an outfit that I wore a few times when I went out to hopefully get you (and myself) on that happy weekend mood. Also, if you plan to wear something similar I’m sure by Friday you will come up with a version of it so share your outfits with me if you do so, id like to see ☺ This outfit is something I wear at electronic music events where I mostly go for darker, edgy looks. These parties are more low-key than going clubbing so I try not to overdo it and just pick some cool pieces that are easy to dance in. This light transparent dress is one of my favorite things that make “goth” look sexy and fun. It looks a little too revealing here in the pictures since I wore it with a crop top and leather tights but keep in mind that the sunlight makes it look lighter than it is. When I wear it at night, the transparent piece looks darker so it doesn’t seem vulgar or trashy; just goth. I added some accessories today; when I’m wearing monochrome I try to spice things up with accessorizing even though I’m really minimal when it comes to jewelry. I just got this choker necklace though and I’m obsessed with it so you’ll definitely be seeing more and various ways of wearing it. The studded hand bracelets in silver add a little drama to the outfit and they look super cool when you dance. I just love this outfit, not only for the way it looks but also because every time I wore it when I went to parties I had so much fun so I immediately associate it to good memories. I tend to do that a lot with clothes; I remember details from the past based on what I was wearing and if I had some bad memories wearing certain clothes I avoid wearing them again. Hahaha, does that sound really weird?! Or is there anyone of you who does this as well?? I’d like to know my fellow weirdos….Lots of kisses and take care <3 We’ll be in touch as soon as possible…☺ Wearing: Stradivarious Crop Top Motivi Leather Leggings Divided Transparent Dress Choies Choker H&M Bracelets • Photographed by Vesa Pupovci

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