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Hello friends ☺

Before I return to Greece in a few days, I wanted to keep you updated with the exciting news concerning Kosovo. My second interview aired today in the RTK TV and Radio channel here and I am still processing how awesome it is to have space where I can present my work and let people know about my blog. It’s been a lot of fun working on it from back home, totally different vibe and ethics. In fact, I was planning to take some time off while I’m here in order to spend all my time with family in friends. However, coming here I have realized how important this blog has become in my life and how working on it fulfills me everyday. It has definitely been a struggle here because we don’t know a lot of people who work in fashion or photography but I am proud that we still managed to keep going on our own without having to rely on anyone, as we always do. This independence is something that has gives me confidence and ethic, a process that had definitely been built through out time.

For the last outfit pictures in Kosovo, I have decided to get together with an old friend who has a fashion blog as well. It’s my first photo collaboration with another blogger and I hope to have many more in the future. I like getting together with other creative people in order to learn and see a reflection of myself through them. Unfortunately, due to time limitations, I didn’t get to spend as much time as I wanted with her in order to learn more about her experience as a blogger in Kosovo. She started her blog much earlier than I did and I’ve followed her progress through out time, she works intensively and you can tell that she enjoys it as well. This photo-shoot with her made me learn a lot about myself too because I didn’t work with another blogger before and wasn’t familiar how the process goes for others of my own kind. I hope you guys like the pictures that we took, we were freezing in the snow (nothing new). We didn’t manage to coordinate similar outfits but I guess this represents the differences in our style in terms of dressing up. While Rita chose a rather laid-back all black outfit, I couldn’t help but add some color with my Burberry blanket cape. It is so warm and cozy for the snow and I love how the top of the cape has a scarf attached to it. Rita brought this little hear shaped air balloon and we tried to use it in the pictures but unfortunately it was so windy so that kinda failed. Anyways, I’m happy how the pictures turned out and I hope that we set an example of young women empowering each other and celebrating our differences rather than bashing and hating on each other’s success. Spread the love, ALWAYS ☺

If you want to read Rita’s side of the story from this photo-shoot go to her blog

Burberry Cape
Guess Dress
Stradivarious Over the knee Boots
Chanel Vintage Gloves

Photographed by Vesa Pupovci

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