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Hey, Hey :)

What a contrast from my last look, right?! From bohemian beach to tailored behind marble…that’s one of the main reasons why I enjoy working on this blog because it allows me to experiment with different looks and styles that I normally wouldn’t even have considered. It’s exciting to get out of my comfort zone and try something alternative with clothes, like a dress up. Today I’ve decided to recreate a “tailored-office look” by giving it my own playful twist. The white-buttoned formal shirt and the black pencil skirt are classics for a formal look; my attempt to alternate it is aimed to look editorial rather than practical.

A cropped crisp buttoned shirt is not something you see everyday; when I got this shirt, it was the first time seeing the cropped version that appealed me. Styling it is definitely tricky; I got the skirt separately but I decided to try them together and it worked. I am obsessed with fringe and leather has been my favorite fabric this year so I immediately fell in love with this skirt. Have in mind that when I say leather; I refer to organic or non-genuine leather because I don’t wear real leather anymore. I had many ideas for styling it; it can work with many alternative shirts or crop tops. It is playful, it is fun and the asymmetrical cut of the length makes it unconventional.

I decided for the first time to play a little bit with my lip and nail color. You may have noticed that I stick to dark purple for nails and lips because I’ve been doing it for long that I feel like it identifies me. I went for a red lip and orange nails for a pop of color in the black and white clothes. I’ve been so used to my classic colors that it feels so weird, even right now, typing with orange nails haha..In case you didn’t notice; the quality of the pictures in this post is much better than the previous ones. My boyfriend decided to give me a hand in editing them and he did a great job. He focused on every single detail, which is something I don’t usually do because my editing skills are so basic. He suggested that 4 well-edited pictures are enough to show an outfit so I guess I’ll start decreasing the number of pictures in a post. We’re always looking for ways to improve the content so I hope you understand that this is a learning process for us as well J

Let me know what you think about this little change ;)

Talk to you soon…


Choies Cropped Shirt

Choies Fringe Pencil Skirt

Atmosphere Stilettos


  • Photographed by Vesa Pupovci
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