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Hello everyone <3 It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. Post-graduate life is not easy; I moved back home from Greece and it’s taking me a while to get adjusted. At the same time, I am looking to find a job that allows me enough time to work on the blog as well. My dream is to work in the fashion industry but in Greece and Kosovo that’s almost impossible. My long-term plan is to move in United States in a few years, when I have gained more experience in the field of fashion so I can pursue my dreams there. Anyways, my plans change everyday and I’m a person that lives the moment so I will follow where the next step takes me. Today I want to share with you this beautiful outfit; the last one I worked on from Greece with my boyfriend. Vesa will be staying in Greece for a few months as well so while I’m here I will try to find a new photographer to shoot outfits with. Write a comment down if you know anyone who is interested to work in photography and I’ll deal with the rest ;)
This black and white squared dress is a gorgeous, classic piece for a more serious look. The shape is simple and clean; it can be worn in different styles. I decided to pair it with these gorgeous sandals and my quilted bag. I put my hair in a ponytail finally and went for a red lip that is something I usually go for in black and white outfits for a pop of color. I tried to keep my poses simple and static which is something I’m not so used to but I’m trying to get better at it since it’s the ultimate high fashion look for somebody who is shooting clothes. Hope you like these pictures as much as I do.

Good news is we are going tomorrow to Exit Music Festival, which will go on for 4 days until Sunday, and I will try to give you guys sneak peeks from the event. I’m really looking to see some of my favorite electronic artists perform for the first time. It’s also my birthday on Sunday and the best way for me to celebrate is always music. You might remember my first entry on the blog was about a music festival that I attended last year for my birthday as well. So, BriteSouls is turning 1…I’m turning 23 so there is a lot to celebrate about ☺ Thank you to everyone who has been reading and following my passion for writing, fashion and music. Since day one, my goal for this blog has been to provide people with beautiful things they can relate to and make them smile. This is a never-ending process, I will try to brighten your souls for as long as I can ☺ Much love for every single one of you <3 Yours, Blertina Wearing: Ginger G Dress Moschino Bag French Connection Sandals • Photographed and edited by Karen Gkiounasian (Digital Perspective)

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