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Heey guys ☺

Today we’re moving aside from fashion for a little bit, to give you a travel article about Berlin, as you were promised. I got back today and looking back, it has definitely been a surreal trip. We went there casually expecting just another beautiful European city but in fact discovered an urban capital of art and electronics. The vibe was very hipster, sometimes it reminded me of the artsy areas in Brooklyn. A clash of industrialization and street art; every store was a concept and walls were filled with colors then juxtaposed with the grayness of the bricks and marble buildings. It was extremely cold and the sky was gray, but the melancholic picture only made it more beautiful.

The first thing I noticed about Berlin was the people; the way they were dressed was just outstanding. Hippie hairstyles, edgy boots, oversized coats; it all screamed minimalism. I rarely saw girls wearing make up but the way they embraced their natural hair and skin was so bohemian chic. Their attitude was just cold; something surprising to me, as someone from the Balkans. Even some encounters that we had with locals were not so welcoming, but I noticed this among young Berliners only. But overall, they were cool people; very well informed about everything and generally creative, especially in the jobs they were working. I still prefer the passionate, loving personalities of the people from South-East Europe though.

Music. Just wow! They don’t call it the techno capital for no reason. German artists produce some of the best electronic music in the industry and mostly the music played in the city was techno. We went to Sisyphus Club that was suggested to us by some locals and we had the time of our lives. The place was like a gigantic playground for adults with boat shaped stages and little psychedelic stages in between. Berlin youngsters know how to party definitely. People stay in clubs for days over there and upon entering we were told that no pictures are allowed. Certainly, we didn’t mind this; we began exploring the different techno stages dancing until our feet were tired, then sit in the couches for a bit and do the same thing over again. So, if you love techno or electronic music in general, Berlin is definitely the city to be in.

In our last day we got in one of the sightseeing tours in order to learn more about the history and see more parts of the city. There was definitely SO much; the city is packed with stories at the same industrialization is taking place by all the new buildings and metro stations that are being worked on. Everything seems to have changed for the better of the city after the fall of Berlin Wall which separated the East and West side of the city. Today, every discussion around the city revolves around that but this division is still present even though not physically, but in the people’s daily discourse. The remains of the Berlin Wall was my favorite area to see, especially since those walls are now filled with different graffiti. That sad place once has been turned into a space for creativity by various street artists and as a hangout for youngsters.

The pictures we took don’t do justice to the beauty of the city but we tried our best to capture the moment while at the same time paying attention to the tour guides. They have been taken at different parts of the city, Vesa and me took snaps of what we thought was cool in order to give you our perspective of the city. There is definitely more; much more to learn and see in this scenic city. If you plan to visit Berlin anytime soon definitely do it; only go in spring or summer when it’s not that cold so you can wander around for longer ☺

Have an awesome rest of the week <3 Spread the LOVE • Photographed by Vesa Pupovci and Blertina Shabani

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