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Hey there guys J

Feels so good to be writing on the blog again after so long. In fact, there has been so much going on to write about but unfortunately, my free time has been very limited. I started working at an advertising agency here in Prishtina and I’m still getting adjusted to the new dynamics of this environment. Anyways, today I want to share with you the most exciting first time experience of the past few days, which is the Athens Exclusive Designer’s Week. I had never been to fashion week before and my decision to go happened kinda last minute so I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I received press accreditation and I realized that I shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity, even though my work is not in the field of fashion. First thing I had to take care of before going there was definitely the outfits; I wanted to wear clothes that stand out while staying loyal to my taste and style. I thought that wearing local designers from Kosovo was a great opportunity as a foreigner to represent fashion where I come from. I was lucky enough to get in touch with one of my favorite fashion designers here, Venera Mustafa who creates really avant-garde and unique pieces. She helped me out to pick two outfits: the silver two piece and the black dress you’re seeing in the pictures. Besides being chic, I have to say that the shapes of the dresses made me feel really comfortable in my skin and also in the dynamics of fashion week. Additionally, from Runway Boutique I picked out the Versace fitted pants and blazer for an all black outfit with silver embellishments. I love the shape of the pants; their length and wideness is what makes them elegant while keeping the look stylish. I have to say that all my preparations for traveling to fashion week have been made within less than two hours and you can only imagine how stressful that was after a full day of work. However, when there’s a will there’s always a way so all this turned out great in the end.


The first day of fashion week when we arrived in Athens it was pouring rain. We had so many bags in our hands, unable to take out our umbrellas, we got all soaking wet. With less than an hour to get ready for the shows, I had like 3 mental breakdowns trying to fix my hair, haha…in the end I just put them in a little bun and actually it didn’t look bad. When we arrived at the venue of the shows everything was so cool and there was so much going on that I forgot all the struggle of the rain. We got to see so many cool collections and overall it was very professional; from the sitting areas to photo booths. Since it was my first fashion week, I didn’t have anything else to compare it to but personally I was impressed from a team being able to pull together such a big event. I received so many comments for my silver outfit that was really helpful when meeting people because it broke the ice and I got to meet so many cool-stylish personas. The next two days were slightly easier, not schedule wise because the day was packed with shows, but because we got familiar with the environment and the vibe of the fashion week. Some of my favorite designers that presented their collections are: Kathy Heindels, Tassos Mitropoulos, Nella Ioannu, Parle Moi and Vassilis Zoulias. I was really fascinated by the collection of Vassilis Zoulias who went really big this time by creating “Women in Mykonos through the decades” from the 30s until 90s. Firstly, the venue of the show was really fancy and big and the show itself was a real “show” with colors, huge hats, famous TV-faces and even puppies J Another thing I really liked about the fashion week was that the third-day was dedicated to new designers, 12 of them who presented their collections and in the end some awards were given. There were some really good clothes on that runway and supporting new designers is something really positive. The winner of the Best New fashion designer and the Best Fashion Design Ambassador was Tamara Ghavtadze (Parle Moi) who was also my absolute favoritedesigner with a very unique, well-made, black and white collection with deer horns on the models.


Now, looking back I’m so grateful for this unique experience and hope that there will be many more fashion weeks in the future. Definitely the best thing about it is that I got to share all this with my boyfriend who had the backstage pass for photography and this trip was a little get away for us as well. Hope you like the pictures that he took backstage and my looks throughout the fashion week. Have a great weekend my loves <3




  • Photographed and Edited by Digital Perspective Photography
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