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Amsterdam is one of those cities that you will fall in love with at first sight and try to go back every time you get a chance. Basically, this is the reason why I decided to spend my spring break here after having spent a wonderful winter break two years ago. I am just in love with everything about this city; it’s so unique. Walking the streets feels like you are in a fairytale with all the beautiful rivers and canals that are located everywhere around the city. The houses and buildings that are all so artsy; in soft pastel colors and the coolest geometric shapes, they make a surreal background. Amsterdam is actually not such a big city so going around is pretty easy, which is very convenient if you want to see new areas you can just keep walking and will see the most beautiful sights and spots.

My friend and I booked a place in AirBnb because hotels were extremely high-priced and it turns out the place is a super spacious painting studio with a bedroom and kitchen which we loved! It was located in the neighborhood DePijp that is my favorite area in the city. It’s so beautiful and has many food places and local bars, not a lot of tourists around there. Easter is usually a very crazy time to travel because every big city is filled with thousands of tourists which is a little suffocating for me so me and my friend decided to do our own thing and just explore not so popular areas. Having been in Amsterdam for a long time before made it much easier for us to go around because we already knew the main spots of the city, how transportation works etc. It makes you feel comfortable not to be a “first-timer” in a city, as much as I enjoy being awed by unseen beauty, it can be challenging sometimes.

We hung out at coffee shops most of the time and we found some local ones near our studio that in fact are better than the ones in the city center in terms of quality and price. Sometimes you sit with random people, smoke some of their chosen weed and hear their stories, it’s a lot of fun. The freedom that Amsterdam has makes it special for sure, it shows how smoking is just another social activity and not harmful how the rest of the world perceives it to be. Anything in life can be dangerous if you don’t know your limits, but before you go to Amsterdam you need to understand smoking and not overdo it. There were definitely times when we overdid it and ended up eating munchies for the rest of the day but it was all part of the DAM adventures. My friend was on vacation from work, I was on vacation from school; we both needed to relax and fill our batteries before being tourists. Our studio was a perfect spot for us to hang out at evenings and catch up on each other’s lives.

I always say that people are the most important asset of a country/city and the reason why both me and my friend love Amsterdam so much is definitely the people. In case you recall my Berlin travelogue (an older article on the blog), I had written about how rude German people were to tourists which had pretty much ruined my experience of the city and I just wasn’t feeling the vibes anymore. Amsterdam is a different case, Dutch people are super-friendly and helpful with anything you need. We made a lot of friends and they showed us different parts of the city or suggestions about where to eat. Even the way Dutch people look is outstanding; they all dress so nice and are so well put together. Their kindness reflects in everything they do, even if they are just casually approaching you or if you are asking for directions. Everyone speaks such good English, it shows how well educated and aware they are of the world. This hospitality must probably attract tourists; it’s true at least in my case.

So pretty much this is some of the main information I wanted to share with you about Amsterdam, even though there is so much to say I can write for days, I will let you decide for yourselves if you happen to visit this city that I strongly recommend. One thing to keep in mind before you go: it’s mostly an expensive city so make sure you bring enough money with you because everything is so pricey but totally worth it. I hope you guys like the pictures I took, I had my camera with me most of the time and tried to capture the vibes of the city as best I could. I decided not to shoot any outfits because with this much beauty around I thought it’s unnecessary. Now I’m back in Greece working on my senior thesis for college but I will try to update the blog as soon as I can again. Until then, enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam ☺ take care

• Photographed by Blertina Shabani

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