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Blertina Shabani

Founder & Blogger

Blertina Shabani is a Communications and New Media student at the American College of Thessaloniki in Greece. Born and raised in Kosovo (a small country in South East Europe) she grew up chasing her dreams always revolving around arts and entertainment by being an actress, host and a singer at a very young age. Traveling the world and confronting various struggles, Blertina has developed a very interesting and unique perspective in making sense of the world and others around her. She tries to handle everything in life with a positive
attitude while sharing pictures and stories from her everyday life. This blog is mostly focused around fashion which is a source of her creativity and inspiration but she is constantly seeking for new ideas to be incorporated and mingled. At the end of the day, she is just one bright soul among so many others in this universe willing to share their identity and dreams to the world.

Vesa Pupovci

Photographer & Co-Editor

Vesa is a 21-year-old student at the American College of Thessaloniki from Prishtina, Kosovo. The strategic brain of the team, the one who establishes some of the main positive changes in the blog. Her marketing and computing skills work perfectly with the creativity of the other members of the team. Her passion for photography is something that she has developed herself from an early age and she has a great eye for spotting fashion trends. She is an active contributor to Brite Souls, and all photos posted to the blog since September 2014 have been shot by Vesa.

Jaime Getto

Business Development

Jaime is an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert with an insta-famous French bulldog, @Roycethefrenchie. She has built wildly successful global affiliate networks for various startups. The success of her strategic marketing efforts can be attributed to a blend of creativity and analytics. Brite Souls was born in the summer of 2014 when Jaime developed the site, and Blertina set off to paint the blank canvas that it was. Today, Jaime handles all Biz Dev for the blog.
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