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Hey there, beautiful people ☺

Hot summer right?? I was one of those who were waiting for this season all year and now I’m already over of this heat…It’s probably because I am back home in Kosovo and nearest beach is across borders so summer doesn’t even feel exotic; just hot and sweaty. Anyways, enough with complaints…it happens almost every time I am back home, everything is somehow going backwards and I get anxious when I’m not running around all day. I guess I’m just used to living a dynamic life so this break can get overwhelming sometimes. It is going to be over soon, though, and until then I will enjoy the time here with my family; especially my two baby nieces who are the sweetest girls in this planet!!!

In the last entry I told you some things about life after college; in someway I still feel like school is going to start again in September and then everybody I meet keeps asking me “what now after college?” and I realize that I should start making moves asap. I think part of my experience back home not being so fulfilling is the society around me; everyone expects for me to find a ‘stable’ job and somehow live a miserable life because that’s the way “it should be”. I am looking for jobs, in fact, but haven’t been so lucky in getting one yet. I’m desperately looking to move back to Greece again so I have narrowed down my options based on location. My dream was to move to New York after I’d graduate college but everything is harder than I expected in terms of being eligible to live there. It’s so sad that we are born in a country or specific culture and then somehow we are expected to live there all our lives. It’s 21st century; borders don’t even make sense anymore…especially when you come from such an isolated part of the world like Kosovo. Furthermore; everyone looks for years of experience in any job you are looking to apply but then how do you get that experience when nobody gives you the chance to do so because you are “unexperienced”?! It’s a vicious cycle that I’m sure most of the college graduates go through; I know sooner or later I’ll get a job and all this will sound funny but right now it’s the only thing in my head…

On a brighter note; we finally got to shoot ☺ Sometimes you gotta put everything behind and put a dress on; make yourself beautiful at least for a night. Being in front of the camera is something I love to do and it makes me feel free to show who I am or who I want to be. What we wear not necessarily reflects how we feel inside and I’m going to be honest and tell you that I feel nothing like how I look in these pictures. Through performance sometimes I am able to conceal my inner state; not in a bad way but as something that allows me to move beyond that. When I’m posing, I’m in a battle with myself to show the woman I admire to see; confident and happy. Everything in front of a camera is an act; but then again, life is a big act and to get through it you must be a good actress. I’m happy to have next to me a great boy who makes me feel like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world and encouraged me to wear this sexy little dress. He came to meet up with me in Skopje and we spent a lot of our time together shooting; we both love it for different reasons. The glam in this look is inspired by all the weddings I have been attending so I decided to create an evening look which is elegant and seductive at the same time. This red dress is from years ago; what I love about a good dress is that it never goes out of style. Red is such a sexy color for night and it suits brunettes really well. Golden sandals/shoes are items that I strongly recommend to girls for summer nights; they add glamour. Mine are these golden gladiators that add a little playfulness to the tight dress and needless to say; I love the contrast of red and gold. Taking these pictures and styling this outfit was something I had missed doing for the past weeks. I promise not to let all this transition get to me and affect my passion for writing and camera ☺
Thank you for being in this with me, I know I’m not alone <3 One Love! Wearing: Versace Dress Zara Sandals Don Joyelli Handmade Jewelry -Photographed and edited by Karen Gkiounasian (Digital Perspective)

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