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It’s the last day of 2015, seriously; where did this year even go?!I remember like it was yesterday when I was writing “2014, it’s been real” and now all of a sudden I realize that I have to recap another year.

This year went by so fast but it was definitely full of events and beautiful adventures. The first part of the year was running around school, trying to graduate..I thought it was the biggest struggle ever but now I realize it was the most awesome time after all. Located in Greece, it was very convenient to travel and there were a lot of concerts I went to…sometimes we went to parties even the night before we had big deadlines and I wouldn’t change anything, I’d do it twice as much once again if I had the chance to. Everything worked out just fine in the end, so if you’re stressing about deadlines and exams there is just one advice I could give you: “Enjoy the days in college to the max, just don’t skip school” :)

Second part of the year is definitely my favorite one, when I was camping in hidden Greek beaches with someone very special where we had the craziest adventures together. From broken tents to bug bites to burned skin, every struggle was worth it because we made the most out of those trips. What helped me the most and makes me happy when I look back on this timeis that I got so much more connected to nature for another year. I felt so free and careless running barefoot from my hammock in the rocks to the blue waters of the sea. Everything was enough in that moment and most importantly it was real; exactly where I was supposed to be…

The last part of the year would be the most challenging one; when I moved back home and started working in advertising. Everything happened so fast and I’m still sinking in the reality thatI live in a new place, with a big family again and I share my work with over 40 new other people.But life is so dynamic and it feels like I’ve been used to this new environment already…unfortunately, at times there are some points when I feel nostalgic about my life in Greece and the people I was around. Good thing is I’m meeting new people every day and I’m around professional circumstances on a daily basis, which is a lot to focus and learn from. It makes me look forward for bigger things in life and understand the responsibilities of my job. Sad thing about this part of 2015 is that my time for blogging is getting less as days go by. I still enjoy writing, without a doubt, but photo shootings are not as flexible anymore. Especially when it’s freezing out and by the time you’re out of work it’s already dark….yeah, pretty difficult. Anyways,I know spring and summer will bring better conditions for shooting cool stuff and you know where to look for me ;)

Today enjoy some of my favorite pictures from 2015. For now; I want to wish all of you’re a very, very HAPPY NEW YEAR


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