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This is it! The last day of 2014. Tomorrow will be another year, another chance, and another hope ☺ Take the time to reflect, on your actions and events of 2014 and aim to make them better in 2015. For me this year has been really crucial; it went from being in a really dark place the first half to finally making some positive changes and working on them in the second half. Last year I was so lost; I didn’t know what I wanted in life or where I wanted to be. I was indulged in bad unhealthy habits because I was convinced that I don’t deserve more in my life and that I am not capable to achieve something, I had no dreams. I was living everyday without a purpose, doing things that were destroying and holding me back simply because I thought I didn’t deserve better. When I went to Manhattan in June, I rose from that dark place and after so long, I was dreaming again. The blog was the first step I took into doing something positive with my life, and I am so happy that now, six months later I am still writing and working on it from a much better place. Ever since then, I have taken much more responsibilities and have been working on myself consistently. It’s amazing how something so little like writing a blog can inspire you so much in every aspect of your life. I’m sharing this here, with you, because I want YOU to realize that you are capable of doing amazing things, all you need is a DREAM. Make that dream really big and work on it everyday, instead of directing your energies in things that hold you back. Even if you don’t have a dream yet, eventually you will find it but the more stuff you try and challenge yourself with, the easier you will realize what you love.

Focusing on “what we love”, Vesa and me were determined to shoot one last outfit for this year in -8 Celcius Degree, literally freezing snow. The whole process was such a struggle in the cold but I was so happy to have with me someone who is as determined and creative as Vesa. She is one of the most inspiring friend for me and I’m so grateful that we work on this blog together which implies we spend a lot of time with each other ☺ WE LOVE THIS OUTFIT and we’re starting 2015 in style. The dress is so delicate and beautiful, definitely stands out with the colors. The coat is also very unique with this subtle shiny bronze color, perfect for festivities. Just because it’s cold and gloomy, doesn’t mean you can’t play with colors. Celebrating in colors is so much fun, you reflect happiness. So go ahead and add some color in your outfit tonight, you will look and feel great. Wishing you fun festivities around the world, wherever you are. For the last time in 2014: THANK YOU for reading and supporting my blog. May this year bring a lot of positivity and happiness along your way, but don’t forget that life is how you make it, so; DREAM BIG and STAY YOUNG ☺

Lots of love,

Versace Collection Coat
H&M Studio Dress
Zara Shoes
Tsakiris Mallas Bag

• Photographed by Vesa Pupovci and Genc Agushi

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